How to choose an air conditioner

How to choose an air conditioner

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Agood air conditioningallows us to adjust the temperature ofhomeboth in summer and in winter helping us to reach the ideal temperature in a short time.

Actually aair conditioningit is not only used to regulate the temperature, theair conditioning systemsthey help us to maintain the right level of humidity and to filter and purify the air we breathe. That's why it matterschoose the air conditionercarefully.

How to choose an air conditioner for home

There are four parameters to check to choose a good air conditioner:
-the power
- the filtering system
- the energy class
- the degree of noise

The power must be directly proportional to the size of the room fromair-conditioning. The calculation uses a simple mathematical ratio (340 BTU / h per m2) which we will examine later.

As for the filters, allair conditionersmodern incorporate a system forpurify the domestic air, these are anti-odor, pollen and antibacterial filters. Filters are very useful for pet hosts and allergy sufferers.

The Energy Class tells us how much theair conditioningit will weigh on our electricity bill. It is advisable to chooseair conditionersof energy class equal to at least A +. The most efficient energy class is A +++. Read more on: "The electrical consumption of an air conditioner“.

The noise level must be checked on the label together with the other parameters just mentioned. THE air conditioners more silent they are suitable forinstallationin the bedroom.

How to choose an air conditioner based on the square meters

As stated, forchoose the air conditioner(or rather, its power), it will be necessary to keep in mind isquare metersof the environment that is meantair-conditioning. Just multiply 340 by the square meters of the room. So for a room of 12 square meters you will need to orient yourself for aair conditioningof at least 4,080 BTU / h.

In reality,choose an air conditioner based on the square metersis not enough. When determining the power, one should take into account the number of windows, how the fixtures are insulated, the exposure of the room, if there are appliances that produce heat, the height of the ceiling ... Let's say that multiplying the square meters by the factor 340 it can be a good starting point to find your way around the best choice.

Noise of the air conditioner

Theair conditioningisNoisy? In fact, they exist on the marketair conditionersverynoisyand others moresilent. This is why it is important to know how to read the label andchoose the air conditioneraccording to the destination. THEair conditionersof the latest generation are on average all silent. The noise is indicated on the label with the unit of measurementDecibell (dB). The old classification did not indicate the "sound power" but the "sound pressure" and this could cause some confusion .... to remove any doubt we tell you that the sound power of 55 dB indicated on the label is equivalent to the noise emitted by the wind passing through the leaves.

Inverter air conditioning

To date, we do not recommend the purchase of old ON / OFF air conditioners that weigh heavily on the bill as they fail to allow optimized temperature management. The old appliances are subject to numerous starts and shutdowns while the last onesair conditionerswith technologyinverterallow you to continuously and automatically adjust both power and operating speed of the appliance.

Environmentally friendly air conditioners ... and savings!

Among the latest products available on the market dedicated to residential users, we are pleased to point out those in the new range Daikin BLUEVOLOTIONwhich aim to minimize the environmental impact by acting on four variables:

  • efficiency
  • silence
  • pure air
  • consumption control

The FTXM series (from 2 to 7 kW) for example present very high efficiency levels in class A +++ / A +++ for sizes up to 3.5 kW, maximum silence (only 19 d (B) A) and a purification system, with patented Flash StreamerTM technology, which allows you to have a continuous cleaning of the aira in the environment from all the main pollutants: dust, allergens, bad smells, bacteria and viruses.

The air conditioners Daikin BLUEVOLOTIONof the FTXM series are also designed to be controlled remotely, via the App for iOS and Android, making it possible to switch on and minimize energy consumption.

All the products of the BLUEVOLOTION range also use the new R32 refrigerant which guarantees a GWP value (impact on global warming) equal to about one third of that of the commonly used gas R410A. With the use of the new R32 refrigerant, Daikin already complies with the legislative obligations that will come into force in 2025.

For more information or to buy Daikin BLUEVOLOTION air conditioners, you can visit the section dedicated to Daikin on Convienesempre.

Another company that has understood the need to create products that minimize the impact on the environment is the Panasonic which, as done by Daikin, has decided to use the new R32 refrigerant on the entire residential range: Flagship, Dlx, Std, Bsc and on the new ETHEREA Z / XZ range in class A +++ (SEER).

The series Panasonic Etherea Z / XZ, thanks to inverter technology and the avant-garde system, Econavi also uses intelligent sensors capable of recognizing solar intensity and human activity, adapting the air conditioning to the environmental conditions and ensuring a savings up to 38%.

Also Panasonic Etherea Z / XZ offers the possibility of manage the air conditioning system remotely through an application that can be used via smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or PC.

For more information or to buy Panasonic air conditioners from the Etherea Z / XZ line, you can visit the dedicated section on Convienesempre.

To help environmentally conscious users, the WWF has also launched a specific program to help in the choice of air conditioner avoiding energy waste: to learn more, read our article withhow to choose the conditioner.

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