How to make walnut liqueur

How to make walnut liqueur

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How to make walnut liqueur: drink a good onehomemade nocinois the ambition of many, but how you do it this delicious walnut liqueur? Today we pass you the original recipe!

Thenocino ornocillo it's aliquorobtained by infusing the husk ofwot. Although here in Italy many think that the origins ofnocinoare French, in the rest of the world thenocillois presented asItalian liqueur!

According to ancient customs, the nuts for the preparation of nocino, still very unripe, they were harvested on the night of San Giovanni and after a night of rest, they were infused in ethyl alcohol until All Saints' Eve, that is, until the night of October 31st. For the harvest, the article may be usefulhow to pick nuts.

How to make walnut liqueur

Even today, to produce thenocinothey are used only nuts still unripe in the husk. Taking advantage of the date of June 24 to pick nuts can be an excellent reference to "pick" themnutswhen they are still tender enough to be easily cut. Traditions aside, thenutsforprepare the liqueurthey must be harvested at the dawn of summer.

Traditional recipe, ingredients

  • 1 kg of walnut husks (i.e. 30-33 unripe walnuts)
  • 1 liter of 95 ° ethyl alcohol
  • 700 - 900 grams of sugar
  • flavorings (you can add cloves and / or cinnamon to taste)

1) Cut the walnuts into two / four equal parts. Macerate the walnuts for two months in an airtight container with ethyl alcohol.
2) After two months, remove the walnuts and add the sugar dissolved in a little water to the liqueur. Filter well, pour into a sterilized bottle and wait a few months before serving.

Variant - How to make walnut liqueur
A more recent recipe recommendsprepare the walnut liqueurwith some cognac or brandy. In this case, 30-33 walnuts must be infused in cognac or brandy, with the addition of 400 grams of sugar, 6 cloves and if possible, 1 gram of nutmeg flower. In this case, the preparation is carried out as follows:

1) The container with the infusion of walnuts, cloves and nutmeg flower should be left in the sun, hermetically sealed, and shaken two or three times a day.
2) Only after the first month is sugar added, mixed and left in the sun again for two weeks, always shaking two or three times a day.
3) After two weeks it is filtered (even two or three times), bottled and left to rest for at least two months in a dark and cool place.


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