How to light the fireplace

How to light the fireplace

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How to access the fireplace: from the choice of firewood to the arrangement of the wood to quickly light the fireplace in the house.

Rather than asking yourselfhow to light the fireplace, you should ask yourself about the right arrangement of the wood and the type of wood to choose. As explained earlier in the articleTypes of fuel for stoves, thewoodto be used must have different characteristics according to the purpose:
if you want to prepare an embers and maybe cook in the fireplace, you would do well to choose sweet wood, on the contrary, if you wantlight the fireplaceto heat the house in a natural way, you would do well to prefer hard wood.

Forlight the fireplace easily,the firewood, whether soft or hard, must be well seasoned. The optimal seasoning ranges from 9 months to 2 years, in this way the wood for the fireplace loses more than 60% of its humidity and therefore becomes easier toswitch on.

How to light the fireplace
For light the fireplace, prepare 4 fir logs with a cross section of about 3 x 3 cm and a length of 20 cm. Forlight the fire fasteryou can equip yourself with a firelighter. The first thing to do with these fir logs is to create an “ignition module” that is very rich in oxygen. Place the 4 logs on top of each other perpendicularly and place the fire lighter right in the center.

If yours fireplace it has a very large combustion chamber, you can place many logs, the largest ones at the base and the smallest ones at the top up to the ignition module!

The important thing is to stratify the wood perpendicularly and maintain a certain distance between one log and another. The larger pieces are placed at the base and the finer ones are at the top. In this context, the ignition module (as described above) is made above the stack of firewood, after having fixed the fire lighter in the center of the ignition module, you just need a match tolight the fireplace.

If yoursfireplace is equipped with a narrow combustion chamber, the wood logs must be positioned with the top facing outwards. Only the ignition module (with smaller logs) can have pieces of wood placed with the ends facing the sides of the fireplace.

A) In the image you can see the form of lighting the fireplace given by four thinner logs, possibly fir and well dried (seasoned). It is at the base of the ignition module that anyfirelighter, one will be enough!

B) Firewood stratified in logs placed perpendicularly. Try to place the logs far enough away from each other so as to allow the passage of oxygen. Oxygen is essential both in the start-up phase and in keeping a fire.

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