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Tips and tricks on eggs

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Eggs are a food with a very high nutritional value, especially at the protein level: two eggs are equivalent to about 100 g of meat or fish. Its virtues are undisputed; the only doubt may arise in evaluating its freshness or origin. Here are some tips and tricks for making the best use of eggs.

How to tell if the eggs are fresh?

An effective technique is to place the egg in a bowl with salted water: if the egg remains on the bottom horizontally, it means that it is fresh; if it stays halfway up vertically, it's cool enough; if it comes to the surface, it is more than 6 weeks old and it is preferable not to eat it.

Another technique consists in shaking the egg: if no noise is heard, it means that the egg is fresh; if you feel the displacement of the yolk and the albumen, it means that it is now old.
You can check the freshness of the eggs even when you shell them: if the yolk is well rounded and enclosed in the egg white it is fresh; if the yolk appears flat and the egg white is watery, it is already several days old.
Do not even trust the eggs that have a shiny shell; it is a sign of non-freshness!
The color is not a symptom of the egg's youth or old age: the color of the yolk is given by the type of feeding of the hen; the color of the shell instead, from the breed of the animal.

Another aspect to consider is the origin of the eggs: are they organic? In this regard, we refer you to the article "Eggs, classification and traceability codes"

Important recommendation: when cooking the egg it is preferable to wash the shell with water and amuchina, in order to sterilize the surface and eliminate any bacteria. This attention is especially necessary for eggs bought in bulk at the market or from the farmer.

How to store eggs?

To avoid unpleasant surprises such as Salmonella, it is preferable that the eggs remain in their package, taking care to put them away from fruit and vegetables. If you prefer to remove them from the packaging, place them upside down in the refrigerator, avoiding sudden changes in temperature: in this way they will keep for about 20 days (temperature + 4 ° C); if refrigerated at -1 ° C they can be kept for up to 6 months. At room temperature the situation changes: in winter they last 10-15 days; in summer at most 4 or 5.
They should be put in the fridge without washing them. If the shell is damaged or broken, discard them. The same applies if, on opening them, you find the famous drop of blood inside: they must be thrown away.

How to cook eggs, useful information

  • If the egg shell is cracked, put some vinegar in the cooking water to avoid dispersing the egg white
  • If you add salt, the shell will be more resistant and therefore will not break
  • To make creams such as mascarpone or mayonnaise, therefore raw, it is preferable to pasteurize it to avoid any possible health risk. To pasteurize the eggs, just break the egg and heat it in a water bath to 60 ° C, working it with a whisk.

How to fully enjoy the flavor of the egg, while safeguarding its nutritional properties?

Nutritionists suggest boiled egg or poached egg.
To prepare the hard-boiled egg, just dip it in cold water and, when the water comes to a boil, let it cook for exactly seven minutes.
To prepare the poached egg, just put some water, along with a drop of vinegar in a tall and narrow pot. After bringing the water to a boil, add the egg which, in about 30 seconds, will come back to the surface. At this point, you take it with a pierced ladle and it is ready to be served.

Eggs can be cooked in many ways…. the important thing is to avoid frying them or seasoning them with additional fats.

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