How to make peeled tomatoes at home

How to make peeled tomatoes at home

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How to make peeled tomatoes at home: all the instructions to prepare excellent homemade peeled tomato preserves, from boiling to pasteurization in jars.

Betweencanned tomatoes better prepared at home, we have ipeeled tomatoes. Thehomemade tomato preservesdo not require any particular equipment, if with the puree or the concentrates, it is necessary to have a vegetable mill or a cooking thermometer, for themake peeled tomatoes at homeyou will need only the raw material and sterile jars with hermetic closure.

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During preparation, to avoid any risk of contamination and prevent the onset ofbotulismwe advise you to follow all the guidelines indicated on the pageBotulism and homemade preserves.

How to make peeled tomatoes at home

1) Forprepare peeled tomatoes at home,choose the ripest fruits: select i tomatoes firm and free of imperfections, wash them under running water and apply on each tomato, a cross engraving. This cross-shaped cut will make the peeling phase much easier and will facilitate, within certain limits, the preliminary cooking oftomatoes.

2) Put a pot full of water on the stove. When the water has reached the boiling point, lower thetomatoesand blanch them for 2-3 minutes.

3) Using a slotted spoon, remove the tomatoes from the water a little at a time. We do not recommend using a colander because it could damage the tomatoes which, being very ripe and blanched, are more delicate.

4) Place the tomatoes on a plane and wait for them to cool. Once a reasonable temperature has been reached, process the tomatoes by removing the skin and placing them in pots. When you are done, close the jars hermetically and pasteurize them.

Pasteurization of homemade peeled tomatoes

The pasteurization time varies according to the size of the jars:
- peeled in 1 kg cans require 40 minutes
- peeled in jars of 500 gr require 35 minutes
- peeled in jars of 250-300 gr require 30 minutes

After pasteurization, wait 24 hours and visibly inspect the glass jar so as to be able to assess the tightness of the closure: pressing the center of the cap you will not hear that "click clack" which indicates the presence of air.

For pasteurization: boil in a large pot capable of containing the jars of homemade peeled tomatoes, water and from the moment of boiling, calculate the time required for pasteurization of the jar.

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