How to lay a layer on rose

How to lay a layer on rose

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Margotta on pink, all the instructions to perform it at best. From the best period for layering to useful advice to increase the chances of taking root.

The methods ofmultiplication of the rose in fact there are manyroseit can multiply by cutting, offshoot, layering and grafting.
There cutting it can take place from a branch or even from the leaf. L'grafting best to multiply the rose is the scudetto one while as regards the multiplication by offshoot it is recommended for long and flexible roses. To learn more about some of the methods of multiplication of the rose we refer you to the articles:
How to graft the rose
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- Rose thalea from branch and leaf

On this page we will focus onlayering.

How to lay a layer on rose

Theremultiplication by layeringis suitable forrosewith rigid branches that do not lend themselves to being bent towards the ground and therefore that cannot be multiplied by offshoot. Theperiodbest to do thelayeringruns from May to September. Herehow to layered on rose:

  • To do thelayering, choose a young branch with a diameter of about 1.5 - 2 cm and make an incision in the bark 1.5 - 2 cm long just below a bud.
  • Gently lift the flap of the bark, insert a piece of toothpick and wrap it with moist peat held in place thanks to a wrap that you have made with plastic. To make the wrapper, just take a dark plastic bag (such as an undifferentiated bag) to be fixed above and below the incision with a string (those used in the kitchen to close the bags of savory biscuits are also fine).
  • When the roots have developed (this usually happens after a wait of about 2 months), cut the branch under the layering;
  • Free yourslayering of rosefrom the plastic wrap but be careful! This is the most delicate phase as, if you do not proceed with caution, you could damage the newly formed rootlets.
  • Once thelayering, plant it in the established place taking care to leave the peat that still surrounds the roots.

The layering technique, in addition to the multiplication of the rose, is very widespread in the field of bonsai cultivation.
Among the plants that root quickly with layering, even reaching a success rate close to 100 percent, we have pomegranate, ficus and olive. The squad also has a high probability of success!

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