Natural fragrances, from do-it-yourself to products on the market

Natural fragrances, from do-it-yourself to products on the market

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Modern perfumes are mainly composed of alcohol and essences dissolved in it. In this page we will see which are the natural perfumes on the market and how to prepare a good one DIY perfume.

Natural fragrances

The world ofperfumes, for the body or for the environment, can count on over 2,000 existing synthetic elements (called odorous materials in specialist language) while there are only about 200 natural perfumed essences.
For the composition of aperfumefrom 30 to 80 fragrant elements are mixed together, those who limit their choice to about 200 essences offered by nature will be able to produce a natural scent.
In the natural perfume industry there are few prominent producers and on the international scene the only leading name seems to beRoger & Gallet, which he proposesnatural perfumes “faite à Paris“.

Natural perfumes on the market

When it comes to natural cosmetics, there are many products distributed on the market. From moisturizers based on natural extracts to natural essences to perfume the body or rooms.
To name a brand specializing in the production ofnatural perfumeswe reportRoger & Galletwhich offers perfumed waters and eau de cologne, among these the oriental fragrance Thè vert.

The vert Fresh water, natural soothing perfume
On Amazon, theSoothing Vert teais offered at a price of 20.62 euros. The Thé Vert line concentrates all the ingredients in one bottlenatural scentof a Japanese garden. The fresh scented water is made with natural extracts of green tea and citrus fruits. In detail, the natural perfume Thé Vert combines citrus top notes (mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and yuzu) with heart notes of green tea and flowers (freesia, jasmine, lily of the valley and cyclamen), all accentuated by the sensual notes of precious woods (cedar, guaiac and amber).The perfume we are talking about is shown in the photo below.

Who is on the hunt for natural fragrances for the environmentcan consult the proceduresdo-it-yourselfon the page dedicated to "Room fragrances"Or choose one of the many products offered by the market. When it comes tonatural perfumesfor the environment, the proposals are even more numerous.

Natural DIY perfumes

A homemade perfume it can be a worthy substitute for the classics natural perfumes that we find on the market. In this paragraph we will explain how to prepare a natural scent with the art of do-it-yourself. We offer two variants, one with alcohol and one without.

Natural DIY perfume without alcohol

  • 60 ml of sweet almond oil, alternatively coconut or jojoba oil
  • 30 ml of distilled water
  • 6 drops of essential oil of a fragrance of your choice

To prepare the alcohol-free perfume at home, place all the scented ingredients in a container (only the almond oil and the drops of the essential oil). Stir a lot and pour the mixture into a glass bottle. Before use, let thenatural scentfor a week keeping it in a dark place, take care to shake the vial at least twice a day.

After the week, proceed with adding distilled water. To conclude the preparation, perform an olfactory test: if the perfume is not sufficiently intense, add more drops of essential oil, on the contrary, if it is too strong, add more distilled water. Remember that oil and water are not miscible, so we recommend that you keep yoursnatural scentin a spray container to be shaken well every time before use.

Natural alcohol-based DIY perfume
Those who intend to produce their own at home Cologne with alcohol base, you can use pure alcohol or much more "gently", you can use vodka. The ingredients to proceed with the preparation ofnatural perfume do it yourselfI'm:

  • 50 ml of vodka
  • 50 ml of distilled water
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil with fragrance of your choice

To dose the ingredients you can use a simple cup of coffee. 50 ml of liquid such as vodka or distilled water correspond to a cup of coffee filled to the brim. For the essential oil you can use the dispenser that accompanies the package or any dropper (even a medicinal type is fine! The important thing is that it is well cleaned!).

To prepare yoursnatural perfume do it yourselfalcohol-based, combine all the ingredients in a large enough container taking care to add the drops of essential oil only at the end. Close the container tightly and mix well. Place the container in a cool, dark place and let it sit for a week. Also in this case, at the end of the week you can proceed with the olfactory test and possibly correct the perfume with dilutions or addition of ingredients.

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