Shea Butter, advice on use

Shea Butter, advice on use

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Thesheais a tree that grows in the African savannas, its scientific name isVitellaria paradoxa or Butyrospermun parkii, it is from this plant that the infamous is obtainedshea butter.

Theshea butterit can be slightly yellow or green, has a pleasant smell and is slightly sweet on the palate. Theshea butterfinds applications in the kitchen or in the field ofnatural cosmetics. In the kitchen it is used as a condiment while in the cosmetic sector it is exploited for its nourishing, emollient, elasticizing, sunscreen properties and it would also appear to be an excellent adjuvant agent in the anti-wrinkle action of other substances.

The history of theshea butteris very old, so much so that in the Kingdom of Mali, theshea oilit was used in construction, mixed with an earth of the area to cover walls, as if it were lime. Currently theshea butterit is no longer used in construction but its fame is alive more than ever!

How shea butter is made

Theshea butteris extracted fromseedsof the shea plant, the seeds are incorrectly called "nuts". According to tradition, theshea nutit is harvested between mid-June and mid-September. The pulp is left to dry; following drying, the pulp is fragmented, toasted and pounded until a thick paste is obtained. Tradition has it that the pounding is done by hand or at the mill. Water is added to the pasta, the mixture is heated and after boiling is filtered to remove impurities.

Pure shea butter, where to buy it

Shea butter can be purchased, pure, only in health food stores and in the best-stocked natural product shops.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of online trading, on Amazon or on specialized websites.

For example, a reliable website after you can buy shea butter online is where you can find both pure shea butter and organic shea butter for sale.

Those who prefer Amazon can find cheap pure shea butter. Among the products with the best quality / price ratio, we recommend a 250 gram jar of pure and organic charity butter offered at a price of 8.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

What to prepare with Shea Butter

As anticipated, theshea butteris a basic element of thenatural cosmetics. There are many natural creams and do-it-yourself deodorants that you can prepare at home, starting right fromshea butter. For further information, we refer you to some guide articles:

Natural DIY deodorant
The basic ingredients are shea butter, cornstarch (corn starch, commonly found in the supermarket) and baking soda. Those who prefer can add a natural fragrance by including a few drops of essential oil.

DIY hand cream
Therenatural cosmeticsexploits the emollient and moisturizing power of shea butter, essential characteristics to prepare a valid hand cream in the home.

DIY face cream
Sure, there are face creams of all prices and brands but do you know exactly what they contain? Try reading the labels of creams and you will discover disturbing names and ingredients derived from alcohol or oil refining; without a shadow of a doubt, a DIY based face cream shea butter is a valid alternative.

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