Ayurveda, unconventional medicine

Ayurveda, unconventional medicine

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L'ayurveda it is an ancient Indian medicine based on a natural and holistic method. Translated fromSanskrit, the wordayurveda it just meansLife science,indeed, science of long life given that the meaning of the root Ayurmeans “longevity” eSeeit means science.

Unlike theallopathic medicine which is based on healing actions, medicineayurveda aims at prevention by providing us with the knowledge to eliminate any risk factors.

The history of medicineAyurvedic

The knowledge ofayurveda was transmitted orally byessay to essay, until reaching the written form in a text made over 5,000 years ago. The oldest texts are theCharaka Samhita,theSushruta Samhita and the Ashtanga Hrudaya.The Ayrveda texts convey a lot of knowledge on the beneficial effects of natural elements (from herbs to minerals), moreoverayurveda explains the effect that the five elements found in the cosmic system have on our "individual system". The cosmic elements (water, air, earth, fire and ether)influence our life and according toayurveda, each person can be influenced by some elements more than others due to a factor called "prakriti", a sort of natural constitution that characterizes (always according toayurveda) each of us.

The constitutions according to Ayurvedic medicine

The different onesnatural constitutions, are classified - according to Ayurveda - into three different onesdosha.The dosha is a kind of disposition that involves both the body and the mind (food preferences, speed of metabolism, character temperament, emotional stability…). The three doshas are:
-Vata dosha, for individuals dominated by the elementsair and space (ether)
-Pitta dosha, for individuals dominated by the fire element
-Kapha dosha, for individuals in whom the elements of earth and water dominate

For example, Kapha dosha people will be characterized by a certain emotional stability, a robust build, a tendency for slow digestion, a strong memory…. all factors determined by the earth element.

In most people, Prakriti is determined by a combination of two doshas. A person dominated by earth and fire, for example, will be definedPitta Kapha, with dominant Pitta dosha.

Some principles of theayurveda medicinewere also taken up inFeng Shui, the architecture of well-being.

L'ayurveda today

L'ayurveda it is widespread today in the sub-continent more than Western medicine. L'ayurveda it is well integrated into the Indian national health system so as to count a large number of hospitals throughout the country. In the USA, as in part also in Italy, theayurveda it is seen as a complementary practice. For the Western world, there is no scientific evidence that theayurveda is effective for the treatment of any disease.

We Westerners could see theayurveda as a complex of behaviors and aspects aimed at rigorous prevention, so as to improve one's health and respect one's body.

In Italy and Europe, theayurveda is classified as "unconventional medicine”Whose practice is permitted only by qualified doctors.

As in antiquity, even today theayurveda deals with human health from all points of view: personal well-being, inayurvedait is seen at 360 °, physical, psychic and spiritual aspect. The main medicines used inayurveda are, in general,minerals, herbs (powder, tablets, infusions, extracts ...), metals purified and combined with fulvic acids or other spices. Medicines are mostly of a phytotherapeutic nature such as Haridra (turmeric), Trikatu (a compound based on ginger, pepper and pippali), Kumari (aloe) and vitiver, which is also widespread in Italy.

Ayurveda and natural remedies
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