How to water the vegetable garden

How to water the vegetable garden

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How to irrigate the garden: all the tips for proper garden irrigation and a practical guide for creating a do-it-yourself drip irrigation system.

Regardless of the vegetables present in our home cultivation, each garden needs significant quantities of water in order to offer abundant harvests. There are many irrigation methods: by flooding, by flow, by lateral or localized infiltration, underground or rain irrigation. Many users employ a sprinkler to water their vegetables but this is not the ideal method, even if there are few vegetables to water.

How to water the vegetable garden - Sprinkler sprinkler
The sprinkler is not recommended forirrigation of the garden. With sprinkler irrigation, with the classic watering can, the plants are exposed to a greater risk of contracting diseases as the leaves are continuously wet. It has been statistically proven that plants irrigated with the classic watering can are more exposed to diseases such as downy mildew, alternaria, septoria and other fungal attacks that cause serious damage to plants and crops.

How to irrigate the garden - Perforated hoses and drip irrigation
Regardless of the size of the garden, this is the recommended method. Drip irrigation involves the use of hoses and perforated pipes in plastic material that can also be prepared under the mulch. It is the ideal system for irrigating tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and many other vegetables; in fact, with the right precautions it is possible to irrigate almost any crop. The perforated hoses must be placed at ground level and, in the case of drip irrigation, collateral straws must be arranged from the main pipe capable of bringing the "water drops" directly near the roots of the plant.

For drip irrigation, please refer to the article "How to build a drip irrigation system"While those who cultivate a vegetable garden on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, arranged in containers, may find interesting our in-depth analysis dedicated to"Systems for irrigating pots".

Building a drip irrigation system is not difficult at all, and special kits are available on the market to be assembled according to the structural needs of your garden. A drip irrigation kit without a timer is also available for 13 - 20 euros, however, we recommend the purchase of a timer so as to systematically program the irrigations. The garden drip irrigation kit shown in the photo above, is equipped with 20 drips (so it has a predisposition for 20 plants or 20 pots) and as many fittings to be connected to the 20 meter long capillary tube and other accessories in the package. Thanks to the timer it is possible to program daily or weekly irrigations. This kit, including timer, has a price of 59.00 euros. All information can be found on the Amazon page: Drip irrigation kit with Timer Programmer

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