Air ionizer for the home

Air ionizer for the home

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One air ionizer is an electrical device capable of generating negative ions that improve the quality of indoor air. Be careful though, the ionizers they can also emit ozone - a toxic and harmful gas - so they must be used well and must be of quality. If you can't afford to invest at least 100 euros in a good one air ionizer, then we might as well fall back on a Hymalaya salt lamp, which dehumidifies and produces negative ions.

Why an air ionizer?

Oni come from atoms or molecules that have either lost an electron (positive ions) or gained one (negative ions). They float in the air around us and the quality of what we breathe depends on their concentration and proportion.

The pure air found near a waterfall, along a stream, on the beach, in a pine forest or after a storm has a ratio of 60:40 between positive and negative ions. According to scientists, the ideal air inside a building should have a concentration of 2000-4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, with a slightly higher amount of positive ions. With less than 1000 negative ions / cm3 inside a building, people's performance cannot be optimal.

Air pollutants, but also simply synthetic construction materials and the use of (neon) lighting and household appliances deplete the air of negative ions and disproportionately increase positive ions. To the point that, if the ideal concentration is the one we said above, the real concentration that is found on average in our homes is 100 negative ions / cmc and in offices it also drops to 50 ions- / cmc.

There are plants that purify the air that are certainly useful for restoring the balance of the electrical charge of the indoor air, but if this is not enough, you can use one air ionizer buying a good quality one.

How does an air ionizer work?

We said that one air ionizer it is simply an electrical device (very simple) that generates negative ions to compensate for their lack in the air. Negative ions are also very useful against active pollution, such as cigarette smoke, because they attach themselves to the microparticulate toxins and precipitate them onto a positively charged surface.

The air ionizers The most technologically advanced are able to produce negative ions small enough to be inhaled and are also used by alternative medicine. For example, in the therapy of depression or meteopathy because negative ions accelerate the oxidation of serotonin in the blood with positive effects on mood.

Warnings for the use of the air ionizer

Operating an air ionizer means producing ozone, which is not a great thing because it is a toxic gas if inhaled in high concentrations. For this reason, if you buy one air ionizer, make sure that the ozone emission of the device does not exceed 0.1 ppm (parts per million).

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