Clean air in the office

Clean air in the office

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If we spend a lot of time in the office, it is important to have clean Air in this environment. This means an air with a good electrical balance between positive and negative ions. To put it simply, the former (positive ions) are responsible for the deterioration of air quality, the latter (negative ones) bring clean air.

Also in clean Air, positive ions (atoms and molecules that have lost an electron) are always more numerous than negative ions (which have acquired an electron) but if the ratio is 60:40 and the concentration of negative ions is 5000 / cm3 (with that of positive ions slightly higher) we can rest assured because this is more or less the electrical balance of the 'pure' air that is breathed near a waterfall.

On the other hand, when the concentration of negative iori drops below 2000 / cm3 and that of positive ions splashes up goodbye clean Air. According to scientists, the ideal condition inside a building should be 2000/4000 negative ions / cm3. And in a closed environment that contains less than 1000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of air, people no longer perform optimally. The point is that, due to various factors (heating, pollutants, etc.) the average value found in homes is 100 negative ions / cm3 and in offices it reaches 50-25 negative ions / cm3.

Something must be done. If we want our job performance not to plummet due to a lack of clean air in the office it is necessary to intervene on the causes of pollution. Speaking of the office environment, the most insidious source of pollution lies in the fine particles emitted by printing, fax and copier devices.

It should be added that, apart from positive ions, the fine powders of the printing processes are the smallest and most dangerous for the respiratory tract because they are inhaled and absorbed into the blood, overcoming the body's normal defenses. To the point that, over time, exposure to office micro-dust causes serious illness.

To lower the polluting potential of toner-based printers and copiers, the most effective remedy is to block the fine particles with filters before they are dispersed into the environment. These filters can be found on the market quite easily (below we indicate a very valid one that can be purchased online) in various sizes and equipped with Velcro for application on the ventilation grid of the printers. With this system you can get to block over 90% of the fine dust emitted by printing devices and have cleaner air in the office.

Clean Air filter for laser printers, Small

Clean Air filter for laser printers, Medium

Clean Air filter for laser printers, Large

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