How to cook eggs

How to cook eggs

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You know cooking eggs? The question seems trivial (who wouldn't know how to cook a hard-boiled egg?) Yet even cooking eggs has its rules and the result is not always the same.

Let's take the boiled egg since we mentioned it: do you know why sometimes the greenish halo forms around the yolk? Because you have boiled it for too long and at too high a temperature, which in addition to forming the halo makes the egg protein hard and rubbery (even not very digestible).

Therefore cooking eggs it's not that easy and after learning that there are techniques and tricks, you will no longer be offended when they tell you that in the kitchen you can make 'only hard boiled eggs'. Only? Do it yourself if you are able!

How to cook eggs: boiled egg

First of all, place the eggs in the saucepan in a single layer (never overlap in multiple layers) and use cold water to cover them before starting to cook them. Add a little salt or vinegar and leave on the heat until the water begins to boil.

Once the boiling point is reached, remove the saucepan from the heat and leave it well covered with the water and the eggs inside. It is in this phase that the real cooking of the boiled egg takes place and you can decide the result: soft-boiled egg 3-5 minutes; medium-cooked egg 5-7 minutes; boiled egg 15-20 minutes.

I got it? Other than quick and easy, it takes 20 minutes to cook a perfect hard-boiled egg! And even a few more if you add that hard-boiled eggs, to become very hard, must be cooled under a jet of cold water (preferably the immersion jet). With this procedure you will not risk the 'greenish halo' effect around the yolk.

Boiled egg secrets and tricks

Can you tell a boiled egg from a raw one? The boiled one turns fast and balanced on its axis if you give it a push, the raw one instead has a slow and not homogeneous movement.

Does the hard-boiled egg shell with difficulty? Beat it on a hard surface in order to crack the whole shell and, after removing a small piece (of the shell), immerse it for a minute in cold water. Miracle: the shell will come off easily.

Eggs are not eaten just hard of course. For other basic preparations with eggs read here: How to cook eggs: recipes

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