Audi A3 E-tron: price, tests, consumption and info

Audi A3 E-tron: price, tests, consumption and info

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Audi A3 E-Tron: price, photos, data sheet, consumption, equipment, maintenance costs and everything you need to know aboutplug-in hybrid from Audi.

L'Audi A3 E-tronis theplug-in hybrid carthat the German manufacturer offers with prices starting from 39,900 euros and declared average consumption of 1.6 liters of petrol needed to travel 100 km.

The electric motor is able to give that extra push capable of transforming theAudi A3 Sportbackin a snappy, performance caralmostsporty, despite the shapes and weight.

Audi A3 E-tron - technical sheetfor the Sportback 1.4 TFSI Ambition version

  • Petrol engine 1.395 cm3
  • Maximum power petrol engine: 110 kW equivalent to 150 hp
  • Three-phase electric motor
  • Maximum Electric Motor Power: 75 kW (102 HP)
  • Combined hybrid power: 185 kW (252 hp)
  • Plug-in refill
  • Consumption declared: 66.7 km on one liter of petrol
  • Actual consumption detected with the road test of Four wheels: only 30.4 km traveled with one liter of petrol

Audi A3 E-Tron Declared consumption and actual consumption
With the'Audi A3 E-Tron, the German manufacturer has entered the world ofplug-in hybridwith a car come onconsumption(at least in appearance) extraordinary. As can be seen in the data sheet just reported, iconsumptiondeclared by the Audi house are far from the actual ones detected with the road tests of the technicians ofFour wheels. How is this clear-cut inconsistency possible? Very simple!


THEhomologation consumptionfor that 1.5-liter engine, cars able to cover the first few kilometers without burning fuel, that is, using the electric-only driving mode, are rewarded. In the homologation cycle, the E-Tron A3 Sportbackhas been used making the most of theelectric autonomywhich amounts to about 30 km.

The "trick" put in place byAudican be useful to a large number of motorists who, if they have the ability to charge the car's battery at work, could stay away from gasoline filling stations for a long time driving up to 60-70 km per day at zero CO2 emissions and zero fuel costs.

Audi A3 E-Tron Autonomy in electric only

As anticipated, theautonomy of the A3 E-Tron Sportbackamounts to about 30 km. This is thanks to the battery pack. The 96-cell accumulator reaches 8.8 kWh and interfaces with the motorist not only through the charging port (well hidden on the front grille, just behind the Audi logo), also with the revolutionary on-board instrumentation that is now one standard for hybrid vehicles.

The classic tachometer has been replaced with the Powermeter, whose needle indicates the operating status of the hybrid propulsion.


The electric motor not only offers zero emissions, but also dynamic driving experiences: when the batteries are full, the driver can press the accelerator and have all the torque of the electric engine available so as to reach 60 km / h in the lap. 5 seconds and 100 km / h within 12.3 seconds.