How to grow celery on the balcony

How to grow celery on the balcony

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Always having a few sticks of fresh celery on hand in the kitchen is very welcome; we are talking about a very versatile vegetable in the kitchen that has many nutritional virtues. Celery also lends itself well to growing in pots, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep it on your balcony. In this regard we will show you chow to grow celery on the balcony following our directions.

How to grow celery on the balcony, transplanting and sowing
The ready-made seedlings purchased in the nursery should be planted from the end of April to June, when the temperatures, now stable, will not drop below 13 °.
If you have the seeds, they can be sown on a protected balcony in April, in a tray or in jars.
Since the seeds are very small and difficult to handle it is advisable to mix the seeds together with the sand then spread them on the sowing soil and cover them only slightly. Then it will be enough to level well and water. For further information, we recommend reading "How to sow in a seedbed".

One month after sowing, the seedlings will reach about 15-20 cm in height; at this point they will be ready for transplanting into a larger pot: 20 cm in width or diameter and 20 cm in depth.
With a larger pot you can also plant two or three seedlings.

How to grow celery on the balcony, soil and watering
For the cultivation of celery you need universal soil rich in humus, added with organic organic fertilizer. Wanting to help the seedlings in growth, we can use potassium-based fertilizers.
The pot should be placed in a fairly sunny place in spring and a little cooler in summer, while in winter it should be covered as it suffers from the cold. Excessive heat causes celery stalks to become hard and fibrous.
Celery needs a lot of water, it should be watered regularly, taking care not to water inside the plant, to avoid rotting and too much water in the saucer.

How to grow celery on the balcony, bleaching
Often purchased celery has white and tender stalks, this result is achieved thanks to the bleaching technique
To learn how to practice this technique, it is important to cover the plants with a plastic pot without the bottom about 15 days before harvest; in this way only the top leaves of the celery will see the sunlight. Alternatively, we can wrap our celery with straw or thick paper and tie it well with raffia or string: also in this way we will prevent the sun from reaching the entire plant.

How to grow celery on the balcony, collected
The harvest must be done by cutting off the whole head but after about two months you can start cutting the outermost stems or, if necessary, even cut a few leaves to flavor the dishes.

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