Wooden houses, all the info

Thewooden housesthey can be an affordable housing solution but at the time of purchase it is better not to compromise especially when it comes to durability, guarantee and quality of insulation.

The price of wooden houses it depends on a large number of factors: size, design or choice of prefabricated houses, type of wood used, the company, the guarantees, the type of insulation and the design.

THEadvantagesrelated to the purchase of awooden houseas a housing solution are obvious: reduced construction times, seismic resistance, flexible design and customized prices. Although in fact, wood, the material used for the construction of these types of houses, opposes a thermal resistance of 7-10 times higher than that of concrete, not allwooden housescan guarantee good thermal comfort, a lot depends on the thickness of the walls and the type of additional insulation used.

An ecological solution capable of guaranteeing good thermal comfort consists in the combination of two materials, the classic laminated wood and wood fiber insulation. Thermal insulation should be guaranteed by a total thickness of 160 mm of wood fiber placed in the external walls and on the roof, in addition to the layer of laminated wood. In this case we can speak of excellent insulation from heat in summer and from cold in winter.


As for the short construction times, there is no comparison that holds thewooden housesthey come out winning! After the design phase, many firms are able to make and deliver one wooden house "Turnkey" (ready to be inhabited / furnished) within 60 days.

Thewooden housesthey can also be the ideal solution for those who are forced to live in areas with high seismic risk. The wooden walls, in the event of an earthquake, assume an elastic behavior avoiding or limiting the risk of collapse.


Another advantage of thewooden houses is the possibility of setting up homes of any size, the only limiting factor is dictated byneed of the designer. Also, making changes or extending the construction is easier than with concrete housing.
Awooden house, to be truly ecological, it must be made with non-toxic materials and above all, the raw material must be certified timber, coming from a regularly regenerated forest.

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