How to buy good pellets, the guide

How to buy good pellets, the guide

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The pellet stove represents a valid solution in the choice of home heating: it is simple to use, space-saving, safe and ecological, has a high thermal output and above all involves less expense. The choice of pellets is very important; there is the quality one and the poor one! In this regard we will show you how to buy good pellets by following our instructions.

How to buy good pellets, useful information
The pellet is obtained from the compression of virgin sawdust residues, resulting from the processing of wood.
When it is produced with the exclusive use of special systems, which exploit a component of the wood, so that the residues compact, in this case it can be defined as being of high quality. The pressing guarantees, in fact, an increase in calorific value compared to natural wood, therefore an increase in energy density and combustive capacity. A pellet, on the other hand, that exploits the use of glues, not only does not provide the expected production of heat, but is also toxic to health and harmful to the stoves.
So let's see what to look for on the label and what measures to take.

  • At the time of purchase, discard any packages that are not completely intact, or that appear swollen and irregular: they may contain moisture-soaked pellets. This condition causes the product to lose a large part of its calorific value and at the same time increases the fumes emitted during combustion.
  • Read the label: it must report at least the ash content, the origin of the wood, the calorific value, the durability and the possible presence of binders, as well as their quality and concentration. The calorific value indicates the amount of thermal energy that can develop from a unit of weight of the specific product. This value must be around 4.5 kWh / kg on average, or even better on 5.5 kWh / kg
  • As for the ash residue, make sure it does not contain more than 1%: it does not participate in the combustion and if it is a lot, the stove could clog up or not work properly

How to buy good pellets, type of wood
The best pellet is that made up of virgin beech or abetand, easily recognizable by the light color: check the label and prefer the packages that also bear the quality certifications, which guarantee that the chosen pellet does not actually contain harmful compounds such as adhesives and formaldehyde.

How to buy good pellets, some tests at home

  • Before stocking up on pellets in the winter, buy a single pack, and once at home pour a handful into a bowl full of water: if it sinks it is of quality, if it floats it means that it does not have the adequate density , for which it is poor; or, to save money by buying whole pallets, rely on the advice of your friends who have already had the opportunity to test the goodness of a particular type ofpellets.
  • Make sure there are not many dusty residues in the package: a good pellet does not leave any.
  • Make sure it comes in the form of regular sized cylinders with a shiny, smooth surface
  • Burn a sample: a clear flame with white nuances is a symptom of purity, a dark, blue flame or accompanied by sparks reveals the presence of glues or excessive air.

Buy pellets online

Online shopping can sometimes be very convenient, especially when it comes to large quantities. We told you about the composition of thebest pelletand now we propose two alternatives offered on the Amazon site.

To find out about the offers of the moment, you can visit “this Amazon page“.

Note that on the purchase package, also shown above, you can read the wordingA1, the best category that certifies the quality of the pellets. Furthermore, the thermal power offered by this type of pellet is about 5.5 kWh / kg. For more information, you can learn more by reading the guide articleHow to save with pellet stoves.

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