GPS anti-theft for bicycles

GPS anti-theft for bicycles

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The scenery: you are at the bar and have parked yours bicycle On Pavement. Suddenly, a notification makes yours jump smartphone… Someone is moving yours bike, better go out and take a look!

More than a GPS anti-theft, what we present today is a system that detects the position of yours in real time bicycle. This is the BTrack device, an advanced GPS system with integrated vibration sensor capable of monitoring the position of yours bicycle. Thanks to'smartphone application it is possible to follow the movements of the bike and interact with the device remotely.

It is also possible, by connecting to the BTrack web portal, to view the routes and statistics (distance, speed, calories, etc.) of the trips made.

The models ofGPS anti-theft for bicycles BTrack there are two:

1) Safe Light it is a rear light with a rechargeable battery that can be installed on any type of bicycle using the appropriate saddle tube attachment. Installation is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Safe Light works like a traditional battery-powered rear light for bicycles but inside it "hides" a satellite tracker that can constantly monitor the position of the bicycle. Safe Light is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery via a USB cable included in the package. The rear light is a high visibility LED type.

2) Black Box is the satellite tracker that can be installed on electric bicycles equipped with an internal backup battery. In this way, operation is guaranteed for several days even in the absence of external power (eg. In the event of removal of the electric bike battery for charging or tampering with the electrical system by the thief).

The GPS anti-theft devices for BTrack bikes they are marketed by the Italian company Sartori Bikes from Milan.
They can be purchased directly online on the site or at the Milan store (via Paolo Giovio 30).
For more information you can contact Sartori Bikes to the number of phone 02 - 49.89.276 or away e-mail at the address: [email protected]

In the following video you can see how simple it is to install BTrack Safe Light on any bike and you can enjoy some screens of the smartphone application.

Video: How to Prevent Motorcycle THEFT (July 2022).


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