Rust stains from fabrics

Rust stains from fabrics

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Instructions for removing the rust stains from fabrics in a natural way. Tips and procedures for removing rust from knits, jeans, cotton and other fabrics.

Rust stains on fabrics

The rust stains on fabrics they can be a real nightmare, you never know which product to use.

Very often it happens to spotrust spotson your favorite shirt or on those pants we really love! Worst of all, we don't always pinpoint the source of that spot.

If you have been to the park, you will soon think that it was the fault of that lamppost on which you leaned or the iron bench that gave you rest.

Nothing more wrong ... Generally, the source ofrust stains on shirts and pantsis in your home. What to do?

  • Check the drying rack (clothesline).
  • Check the thread on which you hang the laundry.
  • Check the hinges that hold the wire.
  • Check the clothespins you use to hold the laundry.
  • Check railings, balconies, gates and metal parts around the house.
  • Check sinks and sinks.
  • Check the door and the washing machine drum.
  • Check the iron.
  • Check the hangers in the closet.
  • Check for any protruding joints and screws in cabinets and drawers.

The best way toremove rust stains from the fabricconsists in preventing its appearance. Easy to say ... but now that the damage is done, how to fix it?

Fortunately, there is no shortage natural remedies to remove rust stains from fabrics. Fabric rust removers aren't very expensive, but try some natural remedies first!

Remove rust stains from fabrics

For remove rust stains from fabrics there are those who recommend using hot lemon juice and those who, more wisely, suggest the use of a mixture made with sodium chloride and citric acid.

Don't worry, these aren't hard to find chemicals, just mix some table salt with lemon juice.

Let's assume that the most tenacious rust stains must be rubbed vigorously with a brush, while for "fresh" ones, you just need to leave everything in place under the effect of sunlight.

Yes, it is much easier to remove a newly made rust stain than a more seasoned garment or, even worse, a stained garment that has already been machine washed.

Remove the most stubborn rust stains that have soiled a fabric for some time

As mentioned, the best allies are fine salt and lemon: after having sprinkled the stain with these elements, rub with the help of a brush, then rinse with cold water and wash the garment as you are used to.

Remove rust stains from fabrics

If a shirt or any fabric has just become stained with rust, this could leave the fibers with less effort so no brushing is needed.

In this case, you just need to cover the area affected by the rust stain with a layer of salt and add some lemon juice to wet all the salt.

Leave the fabric to dry in the sun and after a few hours, the rust stain, as if by magic it should be gone.

- Ready to use rust remover

There is no shortage of ready-to-use stain removers on the market, also suitable for remove rust stains from fabrics, the only drawback is that, for a less aggressive approach, even these products should be used immediately.

When rust penetrates the fibers, it becomes more difficult to manage. Furthermore, many products can corrode or weaken the fibers of the fabrics.

We advise you to use specific products for remove the rust from the fabricof a shirt or trousers, as a last resort. Sui jeansthere are fewer dangers.

On the back of the packaging of products to remove rust from fabrics, moreover, often stands out the design of a skull that indicates its toxicity. In conclusion… not really encouraging!

Among the various eliminates ruston the market, we recommend onerust stain remover for fabrics that would seem to be more delicate.

This is the"Smakkia Rust Parodi". We specify that we have no connection with the manufacturer of this "stain remover for fabrics" so feel free to make your choice.

We have reported this product exclusively because it appears to be less aggressive (it is non-toxic and natural). It is a stain remover for fabrics specially formulated to eliminate rust and streaks left by the iron.

It can be used on any type of fabric, even on colored fabrics. As a precaution, however, it is always a good idea to try the product on a similar fabric of a little value garment, intended for home use! This way you will be sure not to make the situation worse.

The rust stain remover mentioned can be bought on Amazon at a price of 6.33 euros with free shipping costs.

For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page: Smakkia Ruggine.

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