How to clean the fireplace

How to clean the fireplace

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How to clean the fireplace: all the instructions for thorough cleaning of the chimney and its components, from the flue to the cast iron hob.

In the cold months of the year, there is nothing better than a crackling fire to warm the house and create the right atmosphere. With the approach of spring, then it is time to put the fireplace and be big cleaning. On this page we will see how to deal with the maintenance and of cleaning end of season of fireplace. In particular we will see how:

  • Clean the chimney flue
  • Wash the fireplace
  • How to clean the tempered safety glass
  • How to descale the fireplace's cast iron plate

Let's start with general maintenance and ash disposal.

How to clean the fireplace

The first thing to clean is the combustion chamber.

The fireplace must be cleaned with the fire out. First make sure that the walls of the fireplace and the ash are very cold. Wear old clothes, gloves and a mask so you don't inhale the dust.

Arm yourself with a dustpan and broom to remove the ash, to avoid raising too much dust, you can equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner. Once the ash has been removed, cover the base of the fireplace with old newspaper sheets so that you can continue with the cleaning in a more carefree way: a lot of soot will fall!

How to clean the chimney flue

Inspect the flue by shining light with a torch to check for any obstructions.

If the fireplace has an external door, you just need to insert the circular steel brush, equipped with a flexible or telescopic rod, inside the flue and move it to sweep away the soot.

For the cleaning the flue a special brush is required. The photo above shows a prototype of a kit for cleaning the chimney, for the sole purpose of “illustrating” the characteristics that a good brush should have. That is, it must have an extendable handle which can be either flexible (pre-assembled) or modular (as in the photo). The brush must be robust and able to follow the path taken, at different times, by the smoke.

There are many kits on the market chimney sweep equipped with modular, flexible or telescopic handles. Usually, the most expensive are those with flexible handles (they cost around 70 euros) while the cheapest are the modular sets that see prices around 20 - 30 euros.

To purchase, you can go to a well-stocked hardware store, from stores such as Brico Center or Leroy Merlin or, for a wider choice, take advantage of online sales. TO "this Amazon page”You can get a complete overview of the prices and models ofchimney sweep kitcomplete with brush and ready for use.

Cleaning the flue

If the flue has only one access from above, once you reach the roof / terrace in complete safety, brush the inside of the flue but only after covering the mouth of the fireplace with a plastic sheet so as not to fill the house with soot.

If the flue has a fixed chimney cap, you will have to clean the chimney starting from the mouth. Also in this case you should cover the entrance with a plastic sheet but you will have to leave the entrance for the brush and your arm which will have to accompany it with circulatory movements aimed at freeing the walls of the flue from soot.

How to wash the fireplace

Finally, remove the plastic sheet and the newspaper sheets and then proceed with the elimination of the fallen soot.

Once all the dust has been removed, proceed with a wash: wash with a solution of water, sodium bicarbonate and white wine vinegar. If your fireplace is equipped with a cast iron plate, you can polish it with simple furniture oil.

How to clean the chimney glass

For cleaning thetempered glassthere is a natural product that you too often underestimate: ash!

The ash is strongly alkaline and is used in saponification, for the production of caustic lye. What does it mean? That for clean the chimney glassyou just need a large soft sponge, boiling water and the ash from the fireplace.

How do you clean dull and dirty chimney glass?

  • Put on gloves.
  • Soak a large soft sponge in boiling water
  • Dip the sponge in the ash
  • Rub the ash on the surface of the tempered glass to be cleaned
  • Repeat until the glass is shiny, clean and like new.

Although the ash is caustic, it is less suitable for cleaning the cast iron plate where combustion causes stubborn encrustations.

How to eliminate the incrustations of the chimney

To clean the cast iron of the chimney or the more tenacious soot deposits present on the refractory bricks, I invite you to read the guide: “How to clean the chimney“.

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