How to fight dandruff

How to fight dandruff

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How to fight dandruff: all advice and i natural remedies on how to get rid of dandruff from dry or oily hair.

Dandruff, what is it

There dandruff it shows a high amount of whitish and dry scales on the base of the hair.

There dandruff it is a very widespread phenomenon; normally the replacement of the epithelial cells of the scalp occurs with the elimination of dead cells such as desquamation of the most superficial sections of the skin, when this replacement occurs without problems, the presence of desquamation is minimal, when this replacement occurs too quickly or with a 'excessive sebum production, dandruff is formed.

Dandruff, causes

Dandruff can be linked to a food imbalance. Between causes we have an excessive turnover of epithelial cells, dryness of the scalp with excessive sebum production, excessive stress, skin reaction to hair products such as gels, foam, aggressive shampoo rich in foaming and hairspray.

Infrequent washing and atmospheric agents such as cold are factors that can aggravate the problem of dandruff and intensify its manifestation.

The first remedy we suggest, therefore, is to wash your hair regularly, using specific products, free of foaming agents and able to respect the needs of your scalp.

Dandruff and nutrition

As mentioned in the introduction, thedandruffit can also be caused by food deficiencies, to find out which foods are good for hair, you can read the articleNutrition for healthy hair.

How to prevent dandruff with food?A zinc supplement in the diet can lower sebum production, which is useful for those who haveoily dandruff, zinc is found in legumes, hazelnuts, red meat, oats and wheat.

B vitamins, especially vitamins B6 and B12, can help you prevent dandruff. At the supermarket you will find brewer's yeast that comes with a good vitamin B supplement and helps you keep your hair healthy. Do not neglect to ingest omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, nuts, olive oil and blue fish must not be missing in the diet.

Foods that "are bad for the hair", that is, that increase the production of dandruff are those that trigger the production of sebum and tend to dehydrate the body: saturated fats (fatty meats, cured meats, fried foods, sweets, baked goods ...), alcoholic drinks (alcohol dehydrates the skin) and exciting drinks that promote stress and sebum production (coffee, cola, red bull…).

Dandruff shampoo

There are emollient and soothing products on the market to facilitate the detachment of scales during shampooing, deeply hydrate the scalp and prevent the reappearance of dandruff.

Among the various products that exploit natural oils and active ingredients fromanti-dandruff propertieswe point out what seems to be the most effective: Restivoil anti-dandruff shampoo. We have reported this product to you and we have had the opportunity to experience it firsthand and in fact it moisturizes the scalp of the hair, however, personally, not having the problem of dandruff, I cannot tell you if it is really effective…. so we decided to read the Amazon reviews and see the opinions of other users. On the web, thisdandruff shampooalways be the most appreciated one. On Amazon you can buy it at a price of 10.50 euros with free shipping costs. For our part, we can say that it is soothing, it deeply hydrates the scalp, it is very delicate and, unlike other shampoos, it does not have artificial foaming agents ... it does little foam and just use a little. Those who have the problem of dandruff seem to report that the shampoo in question is decisive in a few shampoos.

For all information, please refer to the page ofproduct Restivoil on Amazon.

Please Note:we have no relationship with the manufacturer, so feel free to make the choice you think is most appropriate! It is our concern to offer you solutions to permanently eliminate dandruff ... that's why we will provide you with others natural remedies!

Natural anti-dandruff

Thankfully there is no shortage of natural alternatives for fight hair dandruff. Between natural remedies for dandruff we point out the Alma oil. The active ingredients it contains are able to stimulate hair growth and inhibit the premature appearance of white hair, while at the same time carrying out a natural anti-dandruff action, deeply moisturizing the scalp.

Much cheaper is nettle (just pick it up in an uncultivated field) which, with its decoctions, compresses and infusions, is an excellentnatural anti-dandruff. For fight dandruffwith nettle you can prepare a decoction by placing for 10 minutes, 60 grams of dried plant or 200 grams of fresh nettle, for each liter of water. The nettle is placed in decoction for 20 minutes.

Alternatively, it is possible to make compresses and rinses with a nettle macerate: 250 grams of plants are soaked cold for eight hours in a liter of water. The pack is applied directly to thehair.

Other natural based anti-dandruff remedies are mentioned in our articleHow to take care of your hair naturally.

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