How to access the deductions for renovations

How to access the deductions for renovations

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How to access the deductions for renovations: here is what renovations are entitled to tax deductions and how to access the restructuring bonus.

Who has performs works ofrenovationscan access the tax deductions confirmed for 2015 and 2016 by the package of laws provided for by the decreeSave Italy.

Which restructuring interventions can benefit from the deductions?
Extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservative rehabilitation, building renovation on individual apartments, reconstruction or restoration of a damaged property ... in detail, here are some examples of renovations that can accesstax deductions:

Tax deductions for works ofExtraordinary maintenance:

  • Installation of lifts and safety stairs
  • Construction of toilets
  • Replacement of external fixtures with modification of material or type of fixture
  • Refurbishment of stairs and ramps
  • Construction of fences, surrounding walls and gates
  • Construction of internal stairs
  • Replacement of internal partitions without altering the type of property

Tax deductions for building renovation:

  • Modification of the facade
  • Construction of an attic
  • Construction of a balcony
  • Transformation of the attic into the attic or the balcony into the veranda
  • Opening of new doors and windows
  • Bathroom renovation: construction of toilets in expansion of existing surfaces and volumes

Tax deductions for restoration and conservative rehabilitation:

  • Adjustment of the heights of the floors in compliance with the existing volumes
  • Restoration of the historical-architectural aspect of a building
  • Securing buildings in seismic risk areas

Even the works ofcondominium renovationare entitled to the tax relief provided for all participants in the expenditure. To the building renovation works just listed, for i condominiumsthere are also deductions for ordinary maintenance work such as:

  • Repair of the surrounding walls
  • Painting of walls and ceilings
  • Repair of gutters
  • Replacing floors
  • Tile replacement
  • Renewal of waterproofing
  • Repair of gates or doors
  • Replacement of gates or doors
  • Reconstruction of plasters
  • Replacement of window frames

Home renovation, how to access deductions

To access the deductions for home renovations, the same payment rules apply as for the furniture bonus, plus those who benefit from home renovation benefits can also access incentives for the purchase of furniture and appliances (for more information, read "How to access the mobile bonus“).

In particular, payment must be made by bank transfer, credit card or debit card (le renovations they cannot be paid in cash or by check). For all the details, please refer to the payment methods described in the article dedicated to the mobile bonus.

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