How to keep the house warm in the winter

How to keep the house warm in the winter

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The cold is the first enemy of the house if there is not adequate heating; to make the situation worse is the bad insulation of the building: drafts, humidity, badly insulated walls do nothing but complicate our life! What to do? We just have to run for cover and try to make your home as "airtight" as possible. In this regard we will show you chow to keep the house warm without having to turn on the heaters for many hours giving you some useful information.

How to keep the house warm in the winter, small attentions
Would you keep the window open in winter? This is what happens if there are a lot of cold drafts in your home! Therefore, sift doors and windows and isolate them with profiles in sponge or soft rubber (you can find them in hardware stores or in Leroy Merlin stores) or with fabric drafts. For further information, please refer to the article "How to eliminate drafts"

Are your windows rather dated? In this case they will certainly not be airtight, so try to screen them with double curtains, even better with double plastic shower curtains: fix them between the shutter and the window glass, so that they will serve as a screen, but also to heat the house during the hours of sunshine.

Is it your habit to open doors and windows early in the morning? Change your habits, for this operation you prefer the central hours of the day and when the sun's rays arrive on a useful side of the house, open the curtains and let them in, with the window closed, of course. In the evening, close the curtains.

Do you rely on electric stoves for heating? Unless you are Onassis's heirs, better leave them in the cellar! What cheats on you is the frequency of the bimonthly bills, in other words you will notice the damage when it is too late. Maybe, allow yourself to use only the "hot-bath".

How to keep the house warm in the winter, which heating

  • Opt for gas stoves, to be used, however, with appropriate ventilation, or for pellet stoves. It is estimated that a leather stove, in a single season, can cut heating costs from a minimum of 100 euros to a maximum of 1,200 euros, depending on the type of system it integrates. For more information, we recommend reading the article "Is a pellet stove worthwhile?"
  • Turn on the radiators when the family is complete, taking care to clean them periodically to optimize the circulation of water. For further information, we recommend reading the article "What to do if the radiators do not heat well"
  • Shield the wall behind the radiator with aluminum foil: this will prevent the heat from dispersing towards the outside.

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