Led bulbs for the home

Led bulbs for the home

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The LED bulbs for the home they are particularly interesting for their characteristics of high luminous efficiency both in terms of energy saving and in terms of lifespan.

In this article we offer you a series of LED light bulbs for the home at a low price. To best choose the LED suitable for the room it will illuminate, we invite you to read our article "How to choose a light bulb", if you already know the type of attack and do not want to get lost in technical notions, you can rely on our advice.

LED bulb E27 - 1000 Lumen
Price: 10.99 euros
The bulb consumes only 11 Watts to produce 1000 Lumens (it is very bright, suitable for the dining room or children's room where you play and study). It is a warm light (the color of the light is slightly closer to yellow), therefore excellent for giving an intimate atmosphere to the environment. Just think that in hospitals they use cold lights to give the environment an aseptic look ... so at home, to emphasize the family environment, the use of warm lights is recommended.

Lamp with socket E27 - 850lumen
Price: 6.65 euros
This Beghelli lamp has a light intensity that makes it suitable for small rooms, or for the bedroom that needs little light. Again the light is warm.

LED bulb E27 - 1100 Lumen
Price: 15.90 euros
The price is higher because we are talking about one LED bulb with cold, then white light (the color temperature amounts to 5500 - 6000 Kelvin). It is more suitable for lighting offices, shops or more impersonal environments. Those who have a modern style kitchen (perhaps with satin or shiny silver colored tops, or steel tops) separated from the dining room, can use this light to emphasize the hygienic predisposition of the environment. Also suitable for the study room.

LED bulbs MR16 - 280 lumen
Price: € 44.90 per pack of 10 LED bulbs
These are 280 lumen bulbs, suitable for illuminating wardrobes, drawers, furniture, sideboards or for night lighting of the dresser or corridor. Perfect for use in groups to illuminate the living room or create lighting effects in relaxation areas. The energy absorption is only 3.5 W. If 10 bulbs are too many, a pack of 2 MR16 bulbs is offered on Amazon at a price of 7.99 euros.

Saving money on lighting, tips
To save on lighting, prefer natural light, replace all the house light bulbs with LEDs and make good use of the light! Avoid turning on the lamps when not necessary: ​​the eyes adapt perfectly to the dim light with a mechanism of visual accommodation, which increases, among other things, the visual acuity and the number of rods of the retina therefore it is not necessary to illuminate the night to see how in broad daylight.

In order not to tire your eyes, maximize the use of sun lighting when reading, on the contrary, if you read on a backlit display (smartphone or PC) you would do well to turn off all the other lights, not only for the sake of your wallet but also for the well-being of the eye.

In the house it is possible to have led bulbs that turn on without hooking up to a switch, we are talking about wireless LED lights, remotely controlled with a remote control or smartphone application. To learn more, please refer to the articleWireless LED lamps.

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