New decree for the energy performance of buildings

New decree for the energy performance of buildings

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With 2015, the Regions examined the new calculation methodologies and the new minimum requirements onenergy performance of buildings.

As we have seen in the article dedicated toEnergy certification of buildings, in Italy, there is not yet a common and homogeneous framework for all regions. With the new calculation methodologies and the new requirements for the energy performance of buildings, the regions ask for more clarity so as to make the guidelines regarding theenergy certificationeasier to understand.

The second draft of the inter-ministerial decree which defines the methods of application of the methodology for calculating theenergy performanceand the use ofrenewablesin buildings as well as the application of the prescription and minimum requirements onenergy performance of buildings,was published on February 2, 2015. This draft is 42 pages long and according toMinistry of Economic Development, could be welcomed.

As stated, it is mainly a rewording of the text to make it clearer. New regulatory references and requests have been added aimed at defining in more detail the plants and technological systems present in thebuilding object of the assessment ofenergy performance.

Among the new minimum requirements regardingenergy performance of buildingsshould enter into force on 1 July 2015, although theRegionsthey asked to postpone to 1 January 2016 those concerning thethermal transmittanceof the different elements that make up the building envelope. This request was made to give designers and companies time to adapt; the regions would like to merge new minimum requirements forenergy performance of buildingsto those already foreseen to request access to tax deductions of 65%.

We remind you that this new decree will be the first update of theDpr 59/2009which today defines the calculation methodologies and minimum requirements for the energy performance of buildings and heating systems, in implementation of Article 4, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 192/2005.

The decree, in addition to greater clarity and the new calculation criteria, strengthens the minimum energy standards for new buildings and refurbished ones, optimizing the cost / benefit ratio of the interventions to achieve theNearly Zero Energy Buildingsprovided for byDirective. Plus, the newdecree for the energy performance of buildingsaims at a homogeneous application of the rules in all regions of Italy.

The same decree defines the concept ofNearly zero energy buildingsestablishing that by 31 December 2020, all new buildings must be “almost zero energy”. For public administration buildings, this deadline is brought forward to 31 December 2018.

Thedecree for energy performancesees its requirements come into effect on 1 July 2015 and will be stricter from 1 January 2019 for public buildings and from 1 January 2021 for all other buildings.

Estimates report that this newdecree for energy performancewill see an improvement in the energy performance index of 45% in the warmer climatic areas and 35% in the colder ones only in the start-up phase. In the second phase of application of this decree, 55% will be reached in all areas.

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