Ecological refrigerator, fresh innovations

Ecological refrigerator, fresh innovations

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Ecological refrigerator, from alternative models to the classic market proposals. All information onecological refrigerators, on the latest applicationsgreenand energy classes.

Ecological refrigerator eCool

A team of Danish creatives has developed a device that can cool drinks without wasting a single watt of electricity. It is aecological refrigeratorgarden that exploits the principle still used today byunderground cellars.

Our ancestors stored food underground to keep cool, and eCool works more or less like this; don't worry, you won't have to bury beer cans but just place them in a special container that protrudes from the ground by means of a removable knob. By turning the handle, the drink comes out of its underground niche, as fresh as it has just been removed from the freezer. eCool uses insulating materials capable of guaranteeing drinks that are cool in the summer but not frozen in the winter.
eCool can accommodate and cool 24 cans and is sold for around 325 euros. For the purchase and additional information, please refer to the manufacturer's website:

In the photo above, the ecological refrigerator It is cool

Ecological refrigerator, Freijis

Caterina Falleni from Livorno used the principle developed by Einstein to develop aecological refrigeratorwith zero emissions. Also in this case we are talking about afridgewhich does not consume electricity. Is calledFreijis,it consists of a terracotta container in which a second aluminum casing is inserted; the two containers, thus arranged, form an interspace.
The water placed inside the cavity allows evaporation and self-cooling of the inner core. Freijis can be used in the home, but also in the transport and storage of food.

Ecological refrigerator and energy classes

THE ecological refrigerators just described are examples of excellence, very virtuous but unfortunately not very practical in domestic life. Who intends to buy a refrigerator that consumes littlecan look at the energy label. THEecological refrigeratorsthat consume little belong to the energy classes A +, A ++ and A +++.

THErefrigeratorsof energy class A + consume from 263 to 344 kWh.
THErefrigeratorsof energy class A ++ consume from 188 to 263 kWh.
THErefrigeratorsof energy class A +++ consume less than 188 kWh.

A +++ energy class refrigerators are very rare on the market, but not unavailable. In this context, the example of excellence is given by the LG refrigerator modelLg Electronics A +++ GBB530NSCQE, a true champion of energy efficiency that consumes only 132 kWh / year. This model allows you to reduce consumption by up to 80% compared to a class A refrigerator. The ecological refrigerator just mentioned is shown in the opening photo above.