How to heal your teeth naturally

How to heal your teeth naturally: a guide that will help you to maintain white and healthy teeth without the use of chemicals on the market.

Given that…
The best way to have white teeth and healthy is to ensure careful hygiene for your oral cavity; here are some strategies that will show youhow to treat your teeth naturally.

How to heal your teeth naturally- power supply
Let's start with nutrition! It is well known that sugary foods are bad for the teeth, but what few people know is that there are foods capable oftreat your teeth naturally.

According toCentral Intelligence Agency(Italian Confederation of Farmers), 8 out of 10 Italians do not know that, thanks to a healthy diet, the onset of dental problems can be prevented. In addition, some foods are able to counteract the formation of cavities and keep teeth healthy. Foods that can help ustreat your teeth naturallyI'm:

  • Celery, carrots, fennel and apples
    Thanks to the high fiber content, celery is able to clean teeth naturally and massage the gums. Same power for raw carrots, fennel and apples. Not only dental well-being, also gum protection: eating raw vegetables helps to keep the gums well supplied and healthy.
  • Foods rich in calcium
    Calcium plays a crucial role in the development of teeth in children. In adults, calcium can protect teeth when consuming foods that can cause tooth decay.
  • Green leafy vegetables
    Green leafy vegetables but also cabbage and broccoli are rich in minerals and micronutrients that can repair the teeth from plaque.
  • Blueberries
    According to a study released byCaries Research, cranberries would be able to reduce the formation of plaque and therefore to protect the health of the teeth in a natural way. The active ingredients contained in blueberries would be able to hinder the bacterial activities that can damage the teeth (production of acid and glucan).
  • Citrus fruits and kiwi
    They are great for strengthening the gums and preventing inflammation, pain and bleeding gums.
  • Black tea and green tea
    It's possibletreat your teeth naturallyexploiting the properties of tea. In particular, black tea and green tea act against dental plaque thanks to the presence of polyphenols. In addition, black tea increases the concentration of fluoride in the plaque.
  • Onion
    Onion has antibacterial properties: it kills germs in the oral cavity, disinfects the mouth and reduces the risk of tooth pain. The same beneficial effects are also related to the consumption of garlic.

How to heal your teeth naturally

For treat your teeth naturallyyou can try to prepare homemade toothpastes. A well-composed natural toothpaste can replace the classic shelf toothpastes we find in shopping malls. To deepen the topic "dental care"We advise you to read our articles:

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