How to recognize birds

How to recognize birds

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How to recognize birds: a simple guide that will provide you with information to recognize the most common birds in Italy and Europe.

Learn torecognize birdsit's not easy at all! You need to be in possession of information on bird habits but above all you need to have a strong visual memory and excellent hearing:birdsYes they canto recognizeaccording to the size, according to the characteristic colors and above all according to the back.


It is only by getting in touch with nature that you can really learnrecognize birds,provided you have a handy guide at your fingertips that can provide you with the right information at the right time. Among the various guides currently available we recommend the ones that are the best for us (considering the relationship between content offered and price).

Birds, the Nature Guides of Italy - Giunti Editore
It is a practical and simple guide, without many pretensions. It is dedicated to those taking their first steps in the field of ornithology and intends to learn how torecognize birdsthat you can meet during a walk in the woods of Italy. The bird records are simple but complete, the book provides, for each reported species, identification (detailed description for male and female specimen), habitat, distribution and habit. Obviously each card is related by an identifying photograph.

The positive aspect of this book lies in the classification ofbirds: to make it easier for the user to find the species sought, birds are not classified with the classic taxonomic criteria, but based on the places where they can be found.

So whoever is in the city and wants to recognize the bird that has just passed, can go to the chapter "Populated centers", the other sections are: swamps, ponds, rivers, seas, uncultivated fields, pastures, areas with few trees, countryside with hedges and groves, scrubs and bushes, hill woods, mountain woods, rock faces and prairies. For those who are already "experts" there is an index with the scientific names of the birds, on the other hand even newbies can rest easy thanks to the index with their respective common names.

Another positive aspect of the book, it costs only 5.02 euros.

Smartphone App -Birds of Europe by ETI BioInformatics
A careful and detailed guide that will lead you to discover thebirdsof Europe. The application in question is a digital guide that will help yourecognize birds with over 1,300 high quality identifying images and songs of different species.

The advantages of this application are:

  • the possibility of being able to listen to "the verse", the song of the bird
  • the presence of an interactive identification key that will take you toto recognizethe volatile just observed through a series of question and illustrations.

Among the disadvantages is the fact that the interactive identification key is effective only in certain circumstances; moreover, since its release, the application has never undergone noteworthy updates. The price of the app is 11.99 euros.

In the photo above, a beautiful magpie
In the second photo, the cover of the book published by Giunti per learn to recognize birds


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