Polar Loop: Review

Polar Loop: Review

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Polar Loop: ReviewPolar Loop is a new activity tracker featuring a excellent value for money and with interesting distinctive features compared to other similar products that we have reviewed in the past and that you will find listed with relative links at the bottom of this review.

The Polar Loop is the first activity tracker that can be directly connected to one heart rate monitor so as to provide an indication of heartbeats during our physical exercise, a feature that until now was only available through the use of specific running watches or using a smartphone.

The heart belts compatible with the Polar Loop are the Polar H7 models (an image below) and Polar H6.

Obviously, the use of a heart rate monitor is optional; the advantage is to have a much more accurate measurement of calories consumed during exercise as well as a series of very interesting parameters to monitor the effectiveness of your training.

The downside is the loss of time to wear it and the possible "discomfort" during physical exercise. I only use it in the case of special workouts but it is still very useful to me and I have never had any problems related to skin irritation or discomfort during exercise.

The second major strength of the Polar Loop consists of his impermeability up to 20 meters deep! A nice advantage over other competing activity trackers that allows you to take a shower or go swimming while holding the Polar Loop without problems.

As regards the bracelet size, Polar has chosen a different path than its competitors which has advantages and disadvantages: the bracelet that you will find in the package has an EXTREMELY wide circumference and unsuitable for most wrists but you can make the bracelet perfect for your wrist simply by cutting it with a couple of normal scissors, following the instruction sheet in the package, which also includes a "paper ruler / meter" to take the measurement of your wrist quickly and accurately.

After doing this you will have the advantage of wearing a perfect bracelet for your wrist while for other products the bracelet is available in two or three sizes and can therefore be too wide or too narrow.

The "buckle" closure was also promoted with flying colors, which is much safer and more effective than other products that have a "pressure" closure.

The Polar Loop functions are managed with a single button positioned to the right of the LED display which allows you to view thetime, steps covered during the day, the level of activities performed, calories burned and battery level.

I would say that the use of the button is practical and functional to use.

Not bad, at least for my taste, even there color range: black, sky blue and purple. Here they are in this image:

As for the battery, incorporated in the bracelet, the duration is attested between 5 and 7 days. To recharge it, simply connect the Polar Loop to a USB socket using the special cable supplied.

Polar Loop: the USB cable for charging

There synchronization of the data detected by the Polar Loop with your PC or with your smartphone can be done away bluetoothwithout necessarily having to use the cable for the connection.

THE data shown on the dashboard for PC are clear and complete: steps, time spent actively and divided by different intensity levels, calories burned, data on sleep quality and more.

From 10 and praise interaction with other users: Polar has created a real one community with the ability to "follow" your friends, post data and photos and share anything you want on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Smartphone app (IOS) shows most of the data but, reading the users' opinion on iTunes, it could be improved.

The average rating of users for the Android app is three stars.

The Polar Loop also includes a sound alarm which can be activated and deactivated at will which allows you to use this activity tracker also as an alarm clock.

We come to price, which for many users may be the decisive factor to decide to buy this product over others of the competition.

The Polar Loop is currently on offer on Amazon at a discounted price of 76 Euros with free shipping, with a savings of 23 euros compared to the list price of 99 euros. Not bad! :-)

To see the Polar Loop "in action" you can watch this official video:

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Video: Обзор на Polar Loop! Первый трекер-пульсометр от компании Polar. (June 2022).


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