Boiler control and mandatory maintenance

Boiler control and mandatory maintenance

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Here we are again like every year at boiler control, which is required by law. If you are reading this article it is because the time has come to call the technician and take action. Do it without hesitation (waiting is not necessary) rather hoping that the boiler has no other problems.

And to better digest the idea of ​​spending a hundred euros for a boiler control which looks just like a stamp in the booklet, convince yourself of this: it is not so much the boiler control, as much as the boiler maintenance. That is an operation that, in addition to making you feel safe, will extend the useful life of your device. It is already better right?

The mandatory maintenance included in boiler control provides a series of operations that the technician is called to do, and you check that he does it. Let's talk about:

  • temperature control and analysis of exhaust fumes. If the temperature of the fumes is too high, it may be that there are deposits inside the boiler that hinder its operation. The result is a lower overall performance of the system.
  • cleaning the boiler. A small thickness of soot in the pipes that convey the fumes is sufficient to cause a significant reduction in the efficiency of the system. The tool that the technician uses for cleaning resembles a normal vacuum cleaner, in fact this is what it is (designed so as not to disperse the sucked dust in the air).
  • regulation of burner combustion. If the boiler burner is not properly adjusted or is not perfectly suited to the type of boiler, the waste of energy can be considerable. It also happens that the fuel is not completely burned and a part of the unburnt is deposited on the internal walls of the boiler, dirtying them. Other unburned particles can escape from the chimney, polluting the environment.

If these maintenance operations can be done, everything is fine. But what happens if the boiler fails the exam? If from the checks carried out during the boiler control it is found that it is not possible to improve the efficiency of the generator to adapt it to the minimum legal values, the boiler must be replaced. Also remember that, if the boiler is over 15 years old, an energy diagnosis by a specialized technician is mandatory. Usually, if the boiler is that old, it should be replaced.

The boiler control it is mandatory pursuant to Presidential Decree 412 of 16.8.93 and Legislative Decree 19 August 2005 192 which contain the rules of controls on the efficiency of heating systems. Control and boiler maintenance must be done at least once a year by specialized technicians who report the results of the checks in the system booklet.

Do-it-yourself cleaning of the boiler pipes? There is the metal propeller brush with metal propeller handle

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