Do-it-yourself roof renovation

Do-it-yourself roof renovation

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The work ofroof renovationit is not an intervention that can be performed lightly with thedo-it-yourself;with the do-it-yourself you can perform those interventionsroof maintenanceas simple as replacing the tiles or adding paints or other waterproofing materials.

The speech becomes complicated when theroof renovationcomplete replacement of the support beams is accompanied. Let's see all the details so as to reflect on the possibility of an intervention ofdo it yourself roof makeover.

When it comes toroof renovationwe mean procedures that start with thedismantling of the existing roofthen go toredo the rooffrom scratch.

Theroofrepresents the part of the building most exposed to atmospheric agents and requires maintenance, not only external. A neglected roof can deteriorate and force owners (or all condominiums if it is a condominium, because the roof is undivided property that belongs “pro-quota” to all inhabitants) to spend large sums of money.

Refurbishment of the roof

The work ofroof renovationstarts with the dismantling of the existing roof: first of all, all the tiles will be removed and then the deteriorated beams will be removed and replaced. Once the beams have been replaced, the tiles can be mounted again. To save onroof renovationit is possible to use, together with the new tiles, the removed tiles which have been preserved intact.

If you intend to keep the old tiles so as to save on raw materials, pay attention when buying: not all tiles are the same so you would risk buying the wrong tiles. The ideal would be to bring a sample tile to the shop.

The laying of the tiles is not difficult but requires great attention and patience: the tiles must be positioned with skill, following the arrangement and the mounting / anchoring system required by the type of tile.

To ensure good thermal insulation it is necessary to aim for the so-calledventilated roofs. We are talking about roofs that integrate an air chamber between the tiles and the insulating panels, a useful solution to ensure good thermal insulation and protect the house from mold and humidity.

Theroof renovationit is not a postponable intervention, in fact the more you postpone this work, the higher the costs to be faced. Not only that, aroofbadly maintained compromises the stability of the entire building. The only way to avoid the roof renovationconsists in dedicating the correct periodic maintenance to internal and external roofs to be carried out by a team of experts.

Refurbishment of the roof, deductions

Forredo the roofIncentives and tax deductions are available. You can access all the information by reading the article dedicated to deductions for restructuring.

Refurbishment of the roof and solar panels

To evaluate the installation of solar panels or photovoltaic modules in conjunction with the roof renovation, we refer you to the articleRefurbishment of the roof and solar panels.

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