How to make chickpea flour

How to make chickpea flour: instructions for preparing chickpea flour at home and some tips on how to use it best.

Tips on how to use chickpea flour
Therechickpea flour orchickpea porridgecan be used to prepare a large number of recipes, even to replace eggs in the so-called "headlights-omelettes“, The vegan omelettes based exclusively on vegetables.

Therechickpea flourit can be used instead of wheat flour to make pancakes or batters to be used as breading for vegetables and other foods.

Again, thechickpea flourit can be used as a thickener for vegetable soups and soups, just add small doses. It can be used for the preparation of both rustic and sweet baked goods, especially when combined with other types of flour.

Vegans love itchickpea flourbecause they use it to enrich a large number of dishes: it is also used as a substitute for breadcrumbs in the preparation of croquettes and soy burgers.

Chickpea flour and do it yourself
Those who love natural cosmetics and do-it-yourself products can take advantage of thechickpea flourto prepare shampoos and natural cleansers for body care.

  • Homemade chickpea flour with children

Do thehomemade chickpea flourit's simple, especially if you have a kid-style food processor. Formake chickpea flourat home you have to start with dried chickpeas to buy in any grocery store or even better, directly from producers-farmers.

We advise you to buy dried chickpeas grown by small farmers who do not use large quantities of pesticides and artificial chemicals, or to buy organic branded chickpea flour.

In the peasant tradition, thechickpea flourit is produced with a mechanical mill; in the home it is possible to prepare thechickpea flourwith a hand crank mill, an electric mill or a rather powerful food processor.

How to make chickpea flour with the food processor
The procedure for preparing thechickpea flouris simple:

  • Rinse the chickpeas and let them dry on a clean towel for 24 hours
  • If you have a very powerful food processor, you can continue with the grinding even if it is recommended, to make the chickpeas softer, to toast them first *
  • Enter i dried chickpeas (and possibly toasted) in the household mill or food processor, little by little.
  • Grind idried chickpeasin small quantities until a rather thin-grained flour is obtained. If necessary, grind the same quantity of chickpeas several times.
  • Using a sieve, remove the portions of extremely coarse-grained flour and then put them back into the food processor.

* to make thedried chickpeaseasier to grind, toast them in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes at a temperature of 150 ° C. Before grinding the toasted chickpeas, let them cool.

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