How do I recycle paper

How do I recycle paper? Here are the instructions, step by step, and a video tutorial that will explain youhow to make recycled paperat home, starting with old newspapers and vinyl glue.

In the articleHow to recycle paperwe have already explained the procedure of paper recycling, today we will show you a similar method so from to recyclethe pages of old newspapers and have homemade recycled paper.

How do I recycle paper, what is needed

  • Tights
    a pair of old women's stockings will serve as a sieve.
  • Metal hanger
    you will need a metal hanger to create a frame for the sieve. In the absence of the hanger you can use a simple spun iron.
  • Mixer
    it will be used to further shred the paper
  • Newspapers
    old newspaper sheets are easy to recycle
  • Vinyl glue
    it will serve to give life to the new onehomemade recycled paper
  • Scissors
    they will be used to shred the paper and cut the tights
  • water
    will serve to soften the paper
  • Basin
    you will need a container to accommodate the paper to be recycled

How to recycle paper, the procedure

  1. Create the sieve
    With the metal hanger (or with wire), make a square that will act as a frame for your sieve. Slip the metal frame into one of the legs of the tights, secure the edges of the stocking and cut off the unnecessary nylon.
  2. Newspaper sheets
    Make lots of small confetti from your newspaper sheets. You can use scissors to shred newspaper pages or simply tear them by hand.
  3. Blend
    Place the newspaper fragments in a container and add water until they are all moist, attention, there must be no excess water. With a hand blender, blend until the mixture is gray and slightly mushy.
  4. Add the glue
    In a fairly large basin, measure about ten centimeters from the bottom and add the water to cover this height. Add a tablespoon of vinyl glue and mix it with the water, you will get a white liquid. To this mixture, add the smoothie sheets of newspaper. Mix well.
  5. Use the sieve
    Dip your sieve into the bowl and pull it over very gently. Drain it well. That mush will become your sheet of recycled paper.
  6. To dry
    Let the sheet of paper dry in the open air, in a moderately ventilated place. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hairdryer but to reduce energy use, we recommend that you wait a couple of hours.

To better understand the process ofpaper recycling, we advise you to look at this cute andvery clearvideo tutorial onhow to recycle paper.

Video: Papermaking at home - Recycle paper (January 2022).