Types of air conditioning, selection guide

Types of air conditioning, selection guide

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Who are you wonderinghow to air-condition an apartmenthe must know that there are several types of air conditioning.

In the articleHow to choose the air conditionerwe have already given you several indications on the evaluation criteria to buy the air conditioning best for our needs. On this page we will focus on the different types of air conditioning, from stationary to portable.

Types of air conditioning

Based on their positioning, iair conditionersthey are divided into two main categories: fixed or portable air conditioning. These two categories are divided, in turn, into different types.

  • Fixed air conditioning

They are devices that allow you toair conditioningone or more environments. Their installation requires the intervention of a specialized technician and is not always included in the price. Fixed air conditioners can be:

- monobloc, that is, consisting of a single element inside the house. It is suitable for those who cannot install external units. It must be fixed near a perimeter wall.

-split, consisting of one or more indoor units, installed on the wall, ceiling or floor. These units must be connected to one or more external elements. THEsplit air conditionersthey are divided, in turn, into: mono, dual and multi.

  • Portable air conditioner

They can air-condition only one room at a time and do not need to build any system. These appliances are light and therefore easy to move from one room to another. THEportable air conditionersthey are divided into monobloc and split.

- monobloc, also in this case they are given by a single element connected to the outside with a flexible tube to eliminate condensation. The monobloc type is generally noisier because it contains both the evaporator and the condenser.

-split, in this case the indoor unit, although easy to portal, is connected to an outdoor unit via a flexible tube.

THEair conditionerscan also be classified according to the operating mechanism, so we have two types of air conditioners, those with refrigerant gas or refrigerant water.

  • Refrigerant gas air conditioning

The gas enters a closed circuit ventilation system, so if there are no leaks, the gas will not be consumed and there will be no need to refill. The gases currently used are not harmful to the environment, an example of which is the most modern R-410A refrigerant.

  • Chilled water air conditioning

The water circulates in the ventilation system and delivers fresh air to the outside: the water enters the ventilation circuit only after being refrigerated. These appliances are calledhydronic air conditionersand can be connected to a boiler and also used in winter to heat rooms. The conditioned air is then diffused into the environment through terminals called fan coils or fan coils.

Who intendsair conditioning an apartmentor an entire house will have to aim for fixed air conditioners equipped with multiple split units. Those who want to air-condition a single room can choose the portable type which is usually also more energy-intensive (consumes more) but has a much lower purchase cost and does not require major technical interventions for installation.

When it comes toair conditioning, not to be underestimated is the choice of the appropriate power according to the environments to be cooled; in this regard, we refer you to the articleHow to choose the power of an air conditioner.

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