How to prune a hedge

How to prune a hedge

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How to prune a hedge: instructions for thepruning the hedgein different periods of the year. When and how to manage hedge pruning with professional hedge trimmers or shears.

Instructions and some tricks for prune the hedges in the right way so that they can grow strongly and vigorously.

What is a hedge for

The hedges trace property boundaries, follow paths, avenues, improve privacy, outline well-defined areas or even become the focal point of a garden.

Hedge, cures and diseases

The hedge doesn't need great care or exceptional gardening skills. But it deserves some little attention, especially at certain times of the year.

For example, it is indispensable prune the hedges in the right way so that they can grow strong and vigorous. Not only that, like all plants, hedges need:

  • fertilizer
  • irrigations
  • land maintenance
  • monitoring

It is important to observe the hedge so as to see the first symptoms of any disease. In case ofsick hedge, thepruningit can be useful to eliminate the parts affected by the plant but it is not enough on its own, it will then be necessary to carry out the treatments for the care of the diseased hedge. For all information on treatments and symptoms to observe, I refer you to the page dedicated toDiseases of the hedge.

How to prune the hedge

It should be noted that, in absolute terms, there are no genetically predisposed plants for the formation of a hedge.

The hedge plantsthey are none other than species more resistant to pruningand which have a dense foliage which, if pruned regularly, manages to offer a "full" effect of a "green wall".

Prune the hedges it's not as simple as it may seem; scissors and good will are not enough. You need to know the when, how and how much.

Once the gardeners of large private villas pruned the square hedges almost weekly. And even today, being able to do it, this remains the best method, since it creates the least possible damage to plants which, as we all know, do not like to be pruned, much less pollarded.

Ideally, every 10 days, starting from April, the hedge should be shortened by a few millimeters until July-August, and then pruning should be reduced and another one at the end of September and then resumed in the following spring. Unfortunately not everyone has all this time ofprune the hedges and the operation is carried out in two moments of the year.

The need to reduce pruning to one or two interventions a year has made some plants (such as Cupressus arizonica) almost disappear from the market, which in the absence of continuous pruning tend to become disordered and sensitive to bad weather. There are also different care systems: leaving the hedge a little free and spontaneous, or keeping it perfectly square, as in traditional Italian gardens.

If you follow the formal system, just help yourself with the line to follow the cutting line in height: in this way you avoid the unsightly "waves", typical of inexperienced gardeners.

It is also necessary, if the intervention was done by machine, to touch up the badly pruned branches with scissors, in order to avoid the possible onset of diseases through wounds or frayed cuts.

A cost consideration is necessary: ​​if it is true that a cherry laurel seedling costs very little, it is also true that, over the years, the maintenance cost will be high. The cherry laurel hedge, whether in a pot or in the garden, tends to grow very fast and requires a lot of labor. I therefore recommend turning to plants with not too vigorous growth, even at the cost of spending a few euros more. Regardless of the type ofhedge plantsyou are cultivating, here's how to prune them.

Hedge, pruning

For thepruning of hedgesyou will need:

  • Hedge shears or hedge trimmers
  • Gardening gloves
  • A roll of twine
  • Two sticks

Wire and sticks, as you will see, are used to obtain a perfect squaring of the hedge.

How to prune a hedge

  1. Tie one end of the string to a stick, at the height you want
  2. Pull the twine horizontally to the other end of the hedge
  3. Tie it on the other side at the same height making sure it is taut: you will have a clearly visible line to follow
  4. At this point, start pruning following the line of the string, using a ladder if necessary

When is the best time to prune a hedge?

There hedgeit should be pruned in two moments: early spring and autumn. The ideal period for pruning hedges, therefore, falls in early March and in October, before the arrival of frost.

When it comes to pruning of hedges, as anticipated, the ideal would be to prune them as often as possible, introducing at least two more prunings, in July and one in May. In winter, the vegetation ceases to thrive so in this period it is not necessary to proceed.

Aeration pruning

In addition topruningof maintenance ofform, thehedgeneeds onepruningnecessary to ensure that the light can penetrate inside the plant, reaching even the lowest vegetation. This pruning is necessary to protect thehedgesfrom parasitic attacks.

Clean up the shrubs, remove all dry branches or crooked branches that grow inside the green wall. Eliminate any dried inflorescences and thin out the inside of the plant if it is excessively rich in branches.

Hedge scissors

You can use shears or hedge trimmers (electric or petrol). The hedge trimmer is undoubtedly faster but can damage plants, exposing them to a higher risk of disease. Forprune the hedge with the hedge trimmeryou can follow the guide above always using wire and sticks as a guide.

Are you looking for a hedge shears? On Amazon, professional shears can be bought with a price between 20 and 40 euros. For all information, I refer you to the Amazon page dedicated toProfessional shears, excellent solutions for cutting the hedge.

How to use the hedge trimmer

If you use thehedge trimmers, at the end of the cycle, arm yourself with patience and carefully observe the plants: if you notice badly broken branches, make a clean, oblique cut, with the narrowest part of the branch facing upwards. To learn how to cut a hedge with an electric hedge trimmer or with a petrol engine, I refer you to the pageHedge trimmers, how to use it.

If you have not yet bought a hedge trimmer, the page could also be useful:how to choose the hedge trimmer.

In the photo above, one photinia hedge.

Video: 4 Hour Hedge Trimming Job, in under 5 minutes! (June 2022).


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