French bulldog: character and price

French bulldog: character and price

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French Bulldog, or, rightly said in French, bouledogue français? Say it as you like, but you are talking about a breed well known and recognized by the FCI and finally, yes, of English origin. Between the two countries, there never seems to be any truce: to reconcile them, not even a dog comes forward. And the french bulldogironically, he was born in England. The price, in euros, like it or not, usually ranges from 900 to 1500.

French bulldog: characteristics

If the french bulldog you may like it aesthetically, or not, it depends on your tastes, but its story fascinates everyone. We must go back to the industrial revolution, when the emancipated and animal rights workers involved in lace processing had equipped themselves with a pet dog. At that point, the bulldog English dwarf, initially the chosen one by these enterprising workers, was crossed with the pug and the terrier. What we call today came out of it, and now we come to explain why, the french bulldog.

The crossing, and the archiving of the French colleague, was an inevitable fact, or almost, given that this breed had too big a skull and the females were unable to give birth. History would have it, here it is appropriate to say it, that from the mix, solved the sizing problems, a dog emerged that immediately emigrated to France with the same workers, taking citizenship there in all respects. So here's the french bulldog, “To the conquest of Paris”, becoming in a few moves, a few yelps, and a lot of cuddles, the “dog” of rich families. And I am sure that, even at the time, personalized accessories such as this very chic toilet brush dedicated to the master of the palace were used.Maybe he even had his own toilet room, the french bulldog... who knows! with a lot of personalized deterrent plate "en francais, ca va sans dire".

It must be said that even the physical appearance of the french bulldog it seems apartment-sized, noble or not, with its 28-30 centimeters in length and a weight ranging from 8 to 14 kg, Oltre is too much and, even if massive, cannot exaggerate: its movement must remain fast , dynamic and light, as per canine textbook.

French bulldog: care

Good nutrition and a well-kept athletic form mean that the french bulldog is often nicknamed "the little herculine" or the little bodybuilder, even. Seriously, this breed, classified as molossoid, despite its small size it is a disproportionate and sometimes unimaginable concentrate of strength.

French Bulldog: Physical

Who has a french bulldog or "frequents him", he immediately realizes that he is not at all a "ball of lard" but that his body is massive, balanced, and with many muscles in the right place, well sculpted and visible. His position, then, is a whole program, thanks to the hind limbs slightly longer than the front ones: he always seems ready to attack. The feet slightly curved outwards, depending on his mood, can make him a little funny, if it's a good moon, but also very threatening, if for some reason our french bulldog has decided to be aggressive.

One of the typical features of the french bulldog are his ears, said "Bat", widened at the base and rounded at the tip. They sprout from a square-shaped head, wider than long where the dark, broad, snuggled nose stands out, with very wide nostrils, which are also peculiar to them.

As a good guy bulldog, even the "French model" shows some incisors lower always positioned forward compared to the rear ones: a growl? It depends on what his eyes say, dark, round and slightly bulging. As for the hair, it is short, bright, shaved, smooth and soft. A french bulldog can show off colors worthy of a parade, Parisian, of course: it goes from brindle or quail color, passing through all shades of reddish, brindle or white with black or reddish spots. Everyone can find the color that best matches the furniture, if they want ...

French bulldog: character

If the color of the hair can be chosen, this does not happen for the character, even if for the french bulldog you can be quite calm. One thing is certain is his attachment to his master: when he identifies and recognizes him as such, he is enough, he defends him, follows him, looks for him. He takes the concept literally and shows tenacity and protection.

He does the same with all children, owners or not, for him they are "to be treated well" a priori. When he is in their company he becomes a tremendous playful, takes care of them and integrates into the company with delicate vivacity.

The french bulldog he has a very sweet and affectionate character, he repays the sacrifices with a factor of 1000: just look him in the eyes that convey intelligence, cunning but above all an immeasurable affection for you who are his masters. Of course, I can't hide some flaw of this lovable one french bulldog. It's a lot attention seeker and very lazy: if it were up to him he would spend a lot of the day sleeping. Better if at your feet while sipping a coffee in a cup, made by hand, to honor him.

Another aspect to watch out for when deciding to divide your hours with a french bulldog it's his shameless stubbornness. As his physique suggests, he is immovable. It is also true that, if well trained, he is not the type to forget who he must obey and in what. I do not recommend that you take on a little guy like the french bulldog, therefore: he must decide that what you order him is "okay". "Oui, ca va" seems to reply, tilting his head a little, and then executes without any protest. But he doesn't admit "bad manners".

With other animals, if they do not endanger him or his loved ones, it creates no problems whatsoever. He is a balanced type, he stands on his own, "compact" like his body.

French Bulldog: Diseases

Despite the robust and massive physique, which almost never betrays him, as for muscles, belonging to rachicefali,the french bulldog may have trouble breathing. How to help him? They are partly due to its physical conformation, truffle in the first place, but they are ailments accentuated by humidity and overweight. In this regard, a good master may have tricks to prevent his french bulldog run into avoidable problems, gasping.

Even the hair, of any color, since it is short, can create problems in the french bulldog: in case of dermatitis or other skin problems it is easy to create areas without hair, for example. Then they pass, but in the meantime you need to be careful. And a grooming every now and then, without exaggerating, also because often the french bulldog he is an apartment guest, since he does not need large spaces. While he loves the greenery and running outdoors, he willingly devotes himself to apartment life where, thanks to his short and odorless coat, he doesn't have much to do.

French Bulldog: training

Help in training the French Bulldog can come from the support of a professional trainer who can teach your dog some "bon ton" rules. An example? The French Bulldog is often a great hunter of mice and specific training can teach him not to bring his prey "into the house".

Very useful and certainly cheaper can be the Dog Education Video Course showing in 12 videos how to educate and solve a dog's behavioral problems like the French Bulldog, improving the harmony between the dog and its owner.
The video course also explains what is the most suitable time to start a training course and suggests the most effective ways to obtain the desired result while maintaining the dog's well-being as an essential point.

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