How to relieve anxiety

How to relieve anxiety

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How to relieve anxiety: natural remedies and strategies to combat and relieve anxiety. Natural treatments: herbal medicine and homeopathy against anxiety.

L'anxietyit is a psychic state that in extreme cases can come to invalidate the life of those afflicted by it. Our editorial team always recommends a discussion with an expert in the sector (psychologist, psychotherapist or psychoanalyst) and to assist in the treatment against states ofanxiety and agitation, you can make use of natural remedies ad hoc these are also hired following the opinion of a specialist.

Even if it comes tonatural remedies, the active ingredients extracted from plants must be taken with some caution, without ever underestimating the power and effect of the remedy used to relieve anxiety.

Herbal medicine and homeopathy to treat anxiety

The preparations used in phytotherapy as well as those used in homeopathy should be treated like drugs, this means "no self-care ". You should comply with medical prescriptions and the dosage indicated by industry experts, just as you would with conventional medicine.

Relieving anxiety, does herbal medicine work?
The natural cures on which phytotherapy is based work, indeed, should not be administered with a light heart. There phytotherapy it has the same scientific basis as traditional medicine and can therefore boast the same healing effects. To the same extent, herbal preparations can have side effects. The fact that the active ingredient is of vegetable origin and therefore natural, does not mean that it cannot hurt in case of abuse or in case of taking it concomitantly with other drugs.

Relieving anxiety, do homeopathic remedies work?
L'homeopathyis a healing practice that, like the phytotherapy, exploits the active principles of plants, flowers, roots and other plant parts. L'homeopathy differs from phytotherapy because it uses bioactive substances of synthetic origin known under the famous name of "homeopathic preparations”.

How to overcome anxiety and associated disorders

L'anxiety, when it becomes chronic, it is often accompanied by other disorders such as depression, insomnia, mood disorders. In this case the need to consult a psychotherapist who can help you solve and deal with the root problem is even more acute. Getting to know each other thoroughly is a fundamental step to understand the causes that trigger anxiety and a psychologist could help you.

  • Anxiety and sleep disturbances

If yours anxiety disorders they also affect the quality of sleep, take i natural remedies during the evening hours and follow the suggestions contained in the articleHow to sleep well.

  • How to overcome anxiety

In our articleHow to overcome anxietyyou will find several tips on how to overcome anxiety states and an anxiety test prepared for us by the doctorAna Maria Sepe.

  • Anxiety and depression

Not always but sometimesanxiety it can be related to depressive symptoms. If your mood is subdued, don't hesitate to talk to an expert. Not everyone knows that, with the referral from the general practitioner, it is possible to access a "first hearing" through the support service offered by the ASLs. Some tips to fight depression with natural remedies can be found on our pageDepression, natural remedies.

Below you will find the main onesnatural remedies to relieve anxiety.

Anxiety, natural remedies:how to relieve anxiety with herbal medicine

THE natural remedies that follow are widely used in herbal medicine to treat and relieve states of anxiety.

  • Valerian, chamomile and mint

For calm anxiety and to relieve tension, it is possible to take advantage of various herbal teas, including those of valerian and chamomile, well known for their calming and sedative effects. When combined, they can also solve insomnia problems caused by agitation, anxiety and stress. The sedative effect of mint infusions is milder against anxiety.

  • Passionflower

Therepassionflowerit is considered a natural sedative so that there are not a few products that exploit its active ingredients as a natural anxiolytic; an example of this is the natural organic supplement based on Passionflower, a product created to assist in the treatment of anxious states and to improve the quality of sleep.

  • Bach flowers

It is probably the most famous natural remedy for relieving anxiety and stress. Let's talk about theRescue Remedy, consisting of five Bach Flowers (Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethelhem) which acting in synergy are considered an emergency remedy in case of anxiety and panic attacks.

This blend can count on the action of a large number of active ingredients considered effective for the natural treatment of anxiety. It is possible to buy the so-called "Rescue Remedy" in the form of drops or sprays, for information on prices, please refer to the Amazon page dedicated to Rescue Remedies based on Bach flowers.

  • Yoga and breathing

Yogic breathing allows you to relax mind and body, those who suffer from anxiety should practice yoga away from crises and in periods of tranquility as a preventive means. For more information: yoga breathing.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for anxiety when it uses particular essential oils. For relieve anxiety in a natural way it is possible to exploit the beneficial properties of essential oils such as that of lavender, geranium, lemon and sandalwood.

  • Mauve

Mallow is great natural remedy for anxiety, stress and agitation. It helps you sleep well at night and can also be an effective adjuvant in the treatment of hyperactive states. For further information and to find out how to prepare infusions for relieve anxiety we refer you to the articleMallow, natural remedies.

Anxiety, natural remedies:how to relieve anxiety with homeopathy

In this paragraph we will point out some of the most popularhomeopathic remedies to treat anxiety.

  • Ambra grisea
    Useful for relieving the symptoms of anxiety such as tachycardia, spasms, cramps, insomnia, emotional fragility, general fatigue, difficulty in dealing with any setback and nervous cough.
  • Spigelia
    It is a natural remedy suitable for relieving migraines induced by anxiety states.

Generally, homeopaths recommend taking 3 - 4 granules of the prescribed remedy, 2 times a day, until symptoms improve. Before taking any homeopathic remedy to treat anxiety, contact an expert homeopath or your trusted doctor.

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