Homemade soap bars with aloe vera

Homemade soap bars with aloe vera

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Have you ever thought about making natural soap at home? A natural, scented soap made with healthy ingredients can only benefit your skin. In this regard, we will show you the recipe for homemade soaps using some natural ingredients with beneficial properties such as aloe vera and honey.

The combination of these two important natural ingredients, aloe and honey, is essential for the cellular regeneration of the skin, to keep it healthy, hydrated and radiant. This natural soap can be used for any skin type.

Homemade soap bars, the ingredients

  • The pulp of four branches of Aloe vera.
  • Two 250 gram glycerin bars.
  • Four spoons of honey.
  • 100 ml of olive oil.
  • The zest of one lemon.

All you need for preparation

  • A glass bowl.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Mixer.

Homemade soap bars, the preparation

  1. Put the bowl with the glycerin bars in the microwave and let them melt: 3 or 4 minutes are enough but check every now and then
  2. Pour the aloe vera pulp into the bowl and add the honey and lemon zest
  3. Heat the olive oil a little until it is lukewarm: not hot, otherwise it loses its properties
  4. With the help of the low-power electric blender, blend the ingredients, gradually adding the lukewarm oil: it must be a homogeneous, fragrant and bright colored mixture
  5. Once this is done, transfer the dough into a previously prepared mold: the mold must be plastic and square because this will be the shape of our homemade soap
  6. Be careful not to fill the mold to the brim, but leave a few centimeters free, so that it is convenient to remove it once it has solidified
  7. At this point, place the mold with the soap in the refrigerator in order to make it thicken properly: it must remain at least one day inside
  8. After this time, you can cut the soap mold into smaller shapes for daily use.

For these soaps we have used lemon and olive oil as essential oils for our soap, but you can use the oils you want and you like best: rose, orange, lavender oil ...

Gift idea: homemade soaps can also be a gift idea. It is enough to obtain particular shapes and then wrap them in beautiful packages, sealed with elegant and personalized ribbons. Homemade soaps, with their delicate fragrance and the benefits they bring to the skin, will certainly be a very welcome gift.

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