How Easter eggs are recycled

How Easter eggs are recycled

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How Easter eggs are recycled: recipes to recycle Easter eggs and prepare many tasty chocolate sweets and to recycle the egg paper.

The Easter eggsthey can be very tasty but they are not really like thatecofiendly: they have a bulky packaging and usually made of plastic material and the same surprise ends up in the trash in a short time.

In this article we will see how to reuse Easter egg paper and how to recycle the same chocolate.

How to recycle Easter egg paper

There Easter eggs card it can be used again to make flower arrangements and bouquets, decorations and decorations for birthday parties and even to wrap gifts.

With the Easter egg card it is possible to make a beautiful kite for children. All instructions are contained in our guide articleHow to build a kite.

Very practical from to recycle it is also the egg-shaped packages that contain surprises. They can become practical containers for anything: from food to be kept in the fridge to children's play dough! They can also be used in the kitchen as modeling molds for different doughs, obviously from not bake! Always with the containers you can make avase with mini greenhouseas shown in the photo above.

How Easter eggs are recycled

After seeing how to recycle Easter egg paper let's move on to chocolate and practical recipes to prepare sweets to be consumed even away from the Easter holidays.

  • Homemade Nutella

Who should recycle Easter eggs of dark chocolate can take advantage of our recipe for the preparation ofHomemade Nutella.

  • Ferrero Rocher homemade

Also to reuse the chocolate from Easter eggs you can prepare chocolates worthy of Ambrose, our Ferrero Rocher recipe to make at home will suffice.

  • Chocolate Fondue

Easter falls between the end of February and the second half of April, in this period the first fruits of the summer begin to appear. What do you think of recycle Easter eggs to prepare an excellent chocolate fondue with fruit.

  • Classic chocolate or with vanilla and cinnamon

Here are the ingredients for two cups:
90 gr of chopped chocolate
1 vanilla pod and / or a sprinkle of cinnamon
300 ml of milk
100ml fresh whipped cream (for garnish)

Place the chocolate, milk and vanilla pod in a thick-bottomed pan. Heat over low heat until the chocolate is completely melted. Bring the compote to a boil, stirring constantly. When you have obtained a soft and frothy mixture, you can remove the vanilla pod and pour the mixture. Now all you have to do is decorate with wisps of whipped cream.

  • Dark chocolate cake

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