How to fight acne, do it yourself masks

How to fight acne, do it yourself masks

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Skin with acne problems need targeted treatments and specific purifying and disinfectant products in order to eliminate excess sebum, dead cells and skin toxins. In this regard, we will show you how to prepare 4 do-it-yourself face masks to fight acne using only natural products.

The DIY anti-acne masks they should be applied to the face once a week. In case of very oily skin, it will be possible to extend the application even twice a week.

How to fight acne, exfoliation and application of the anti-acne mask
Wash your face well and practice light massages with circular movements with a little salt or sugar, insisting on the fattest areas, without scratching the skin where there are signs of acne.
Wash the face skin again with a little water and dry it well.
When applying the mask, avoid the eye area and let it act for 20 minutes.
Wash and dry your face then immediately apply a preferably homemade moisturizer. You can find the recipe for a moisturizer in our article "DIY cosmetics"

Do-it-yourself masks to fight acne

  • Aloe vera and lemon

The preparation of this DIY mask requires the use of lemon and aloe vera; both have great cleansing and purifying properties. Just mix the natural aloe vera gel with the lemon juice until you get the desired consistency for the mask.

  • The clay

Clay is widely used as a cosmetic product; in ancient times mud was used directly, as it was clean, but it is preferable to buy clay from a herbalist's shop or pharmacy.
Clay is very effective against acne, as it extracts the harmful substances that cause it and reduces inflammation.
To prepare, simply mix powdered green clay with warm water then add the water a little at a time, until you get a consistency that does not drip easily.
Use glass, wood or ceramic utensils, avoiding plastic and metal.

  • Yogurt and tea tree oil

This do-it-yourself mask is particularly suitable for combination or oily skin suffering from impurities or acne, thanks to its two ingredients. To prepare, just pour 15 drops of tea tree essential oil into a jar of natural yogurt without sugar, sweeteners or dyes.

  • Brewer's yeast and egg white

Another do-it-yourself mask effective in fighting acne involves the use of brewer's yeast and egg white. Just mix both ingredients until you get the desired consistency.

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