How to heal chapped hands

How to heal chapped hands

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Excessive exposure of the skin of the hands to stressors or the use of chemicals such as detergents, can cause numerous cracks on the skin; the surface appears rough and flaky. Hands play an important role in our image: unkempt hands can certainly give us the semblance of an unkempt appearance. What to do to remedy?

There is a very effective and inexpensive natural remedy to take care of the hands: this is the case of the chamomile infusion. In this regard, let's see how to treat chapped hands following our recipe

How to heal chapped hands, the necessary

  • 5 sachets of chamomile tea
  • 500 ml of water
  • A saucepan with handle
  • A basin

You can choose the type of chamomile, you can use the one in pre-packaged sachets available on the market, or you can contact the herbalist's shop to take the contents directly, which will not be in sachets

How to heal chapped hands, the procedure

  1. Pour the water into the saucepan and bring to a boil
  2. Once this is done, pour the chamomile sachets and leave to infuse for a minimum of 20 minutes: you must allow time for the ingredients contained in the chamomile leaves to integrate into the water. If you buy chamomile from a herbalist's shop, you will need to pour in about 5 teaspoons of chamomile then filter the water from the leaves with a sieve
  3. As soon as the water becomes lukewarm, remove the sachets and pour the chamomile infusion into a basin
  4. At this point, immerse your hands for at least 10 minutes

It is very important not to throw away the chamomile leaves: if you have small wounds, place them on the surface of the wounded skin, for a greater healing and emulsifying effect.

Useful recommendation: it is preferable to bandage the palm of the hand with a sterile gauze immediately after the infusion.

How to heal chapped hands, alternate hand baths
Inexpensive method to improve circulation in the hands is to take alternating hand baths with cold water and hot water. Take two containers, alternate your hands for 15 seconds in cold water and 30 seconds in hot water for at least 5 minutes overall, finishing with hot water. After drying your hands gently with a towel, apply a hand cream preferably prepared by you or olive or sesame oil. We refer you to reading the article "Do-it-yourself hand cream"

Chapped hands and prevention

  • When washing your hands, do not use aggressive or alkaline detergents, choose natural products such as soap and soap that respect the skin's pH.
  • To dry your hands, avoid hot air, preferring paper handkerchiefs and towels.
  • When temperatures are very low, protect your hands with gloves
  • Do not forget to use gloves when cleaning the house and washing dishes and dishes
  • Apply a specific moisturizer for the hands every morning

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