Natural remedies for dry and chapped hands

Thedry handsthey can be a very common problem, especially in winter, when the percentage of humidity in the air decreases and the strong wind does its part; however, some people tend to have feet as welldry handsduring the whole year.

Thehands they are the workhorse of our body, they work continuously, even when we are seated: they type messages, do office work, clean the house and take care of everything there is to do! The handsthey are exceptional ... the only contraindication is that any task performed with the hands can contribute to their dryness, even washing hands is not so healthy. Hand washing is essential for personal hygiene and to eliminate germs, however, this good practice causes a reduction in the natural substances that have a protective action on the skin ... after all this work and these stresses, there is no need to wonder if we have thedry and chapped hands.

Theredry skincan lead to itching, irritation, cracks or, in some cases, deep cracks. Deeper cracks show up as cracks in skin and tissue, they are saidfissures. The fissures at hands they are a big problem as they represent an entry point for bacteria which, in the absence of a strong immune defense, could easily generate infections.

Natural remedies for dry and chapped hands
Who has thedry handshe would do well to run for cover! That's why we show you a series ofnatural remedieswhich can help you fight dry skin on your hands and feet.

To avoid exposure to germs and bacteria, many people end up washing their hands excessively or, worse, resorting to disinfectants ... Unfortunately, hands become dry and cracked precisely because of frequent washing and the use of these products. Wash your hands rationally and avoid the use of disinfectants. After each wash, apply a specific hand moisturizing cream.

Even before sleeping, apply a specific moisturizing ointment for the hands and wear cotton gloves in order to extend the absorption time of the serum.

The egg yolk
To combat dry skin on your hands, you can make do-it-yourself moisturizers. The egg often appears among the natural remedies, its use is linked precisely to the realization ofDIY moisturizing wraps and thedry handscan benefit from it. For preparation and application, simply beat the yolk of an egg in a bowl and spread it on the surface of your hands, leaving it to act for at least 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove everything with warm water and dry gently. The treatment must be done at least 3 times a week: when you have a positive result, you can go to 2 and then to 1 time a week as maintenance.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a real cure-all for those with dry and chapped hands. Benefits can be seen from the first application. Also useful for dry skin from the feet and limbs, while for the face it is best used only before showering.

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Shea butter
Many of the hand creams that are on the market are made with Shea butter extracts ... so why not use this natural product? The effect will certainly be even more moisturizing! The shea butter it has a strong emollient and moisturizing power, essential characteristics for preparing a valid hand cream in the home.

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