Washing machine and dishwasher: how to save on washing

Washing machine and dishwasher: how to save on washing

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Save on washing with washing machines and dishwashers it is possible, thanks to Save.el.en Plus, an innovative product developed by the Italian company Asg that allows save up to 80% of electricity and up to 50% of detergents.

The idea behind the device Save.El.En.Plus it is simple but effective because it plans to connect washing machine or dishwasher directly to the domestic hot water source: boiler, solar panels, heat pumps or thermo fireplaces; in this way the device avoid consumption of electricity normally used to heat the water introduced into the washing machine or in the dishwasher through the resistance (la serpentine).

The energy saving obtainable with Save.El.En Plus is added to a further one environmental benefit: the saving of detergents (polluting chemicals that flow into the water) as, by introducing hot water, lesser quantities are required (- 50%). And that's not all!

Following the absence or reduced heat exchange that with Save.El.En Plus undergoes resistance, yes limit remarkably the formation of limestone: main cause of problems and wear of washing machines is dishwasher.

Save.El.En Plus is easy to install: simply connect the washing machine or dishwasher to the device tube and this to the hot and cold water system using the tubes supplied in the kit; in a few minutes Save.El.En Plus becomes operational and you start saving.

After installation, using the device is very simple (the instructions included in the kit are extremely clear): you turn it on and set the water temperature (to the same value selected in the washing machine) and start the washing machine; at this point, the device will immediately load the hot water for washing (once or twice if pre-washing is contemplated) and always automatically inject cold water to carry out the rinses. The same procedure must be followed to combine it with the dishwasher.

Save.El.En Plus matches any domestic washing machine and dishwasher.

To buy it you can to write to the email address: [email protected] or call 0422 - 895446 or you can order it directly on Amazon.

More insights and information are available on the official website:

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