How to grow oregano

How to grow oregano

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How to grow oregano: practical instructions on the cultivation of oregano in pots or in the garden. From sowing to harvest.

L'Origanit is a genus of herbaceous or sub-shrubby aromatic plant, of the Limiaceae family. There are about 45-50 species ofOrigan, almost all originating from the Mediterranean basin. The most cultivated and used species ofOriganthey are Origanum vulgare and marjoram, origanum majorana. In this article we will see how the origanum vulgare, that is the municipality, is cultivatedOriganfrom the kitchen.

L'Origanin fact, it is among the most used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine. The intense stimulating scent can enrich a large number of fish-based dishes, salads, meat or pizzas.

How to grow oregano in the garden

Who wantscultivate oreganoin the vegetable garden or in the garden, you will be able to trace a space to be used for the cultivation of aromatic plants. Those who have a garden can dedicate an entire flower bed to the highly fragrant aromatic plants.

First, start with preparing the soil. L'Origan, like most aromatic plants, are perennials, so you need to work the soil as best as possible and make it as draining as possible.

In the garden, theOriganit can be grown with chives, wild fennel, lavender, mint, rosemary, sage, lippia, and other aromatic herbs of similar needs.

Prepare thegroundat the end of February: remove weeds and fertilize with a good dose of mature manure at a rate of 3 - 5 kg for each square meter of soil. Alternatively you can use dried manure, in this case the dose is 0.5 kg per square meter.

Bury the loose fertilizer and arrange the surface with a rake so as to eliminate any depressions. The planting of theOriganit can take place starting from March in the south and in April in the north. You can buy seedlings already developed at the nurseries or if you wish, you can proceed with sowing in a protected environment and then implant the already developed oregano.

How to grow oregano in pots

If you have a large balcony or terrace, you can trygrowing oregano in pots. At the bottom of the pot, prepare a draining layer given by 2 cm of expanded clay. Fill the pot with slightly calcareous soil rich in organic substance: on the market it is not difficult to find specific soil for oregano and other aromatic plants.

As with all aromatic herbs, also forOrigan it is best to choose a terracotta pot or a fabric pot that helps the soil not stay wet. After buying the plant from the nursery (or having developed your own plants starting from the seed), proceed with the planting by gently placing the plant in the pot and filling the empty spaces with soil.

Ideas, suggestions and curiosities aboutOrigan
can cultivate more than an oregano plant to then pack a quality gift: in the language of flowers oregano has always been considered a plant that gives relief, comfort and health.

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