How and when to sow watermelon

How and when to sow watermelon

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How to grow watermelon: instructions on the cultivation of watermelon starting from the seed. When to sow watermelon and how to grow it in open fields or under greenhouses.

All about the cultivation of watermelon: how and when to sow watermelon, how to proceed with planting, optimal irrigation, fertilization, how to manage the plant and hints on how to grow square or rectangular watermelons.

When and how to sow watermelon in a protected environment

Sow in a pot (or another similar container) under protection until early April. For the sowing watermelonit will be necessary:

  • bury the seeds at a depth equal to twice the diameter of the same seed
  • cover the jar with clear plastic or a glass plate
  • keep the soil constantly moist. Irrigate with a nebulizer or sprayer.

From the sowing jars, you will get watermelon seedlings to be planted in the ground as early as the end of April.

When and how to sow watermelon in the open field

Theresowing watermelonin the garden it can take place from the end of April or the beginning of May. During this period you can either sow watermelon in the open field or transplant the seedlings with a stick of earth obtained from sowing in a protected environment or purchased from a trusted nursery.

  • For both sowing and transplanting, those who live in the north or if there is a risk of cold returns, postpone the operation for a few days or arrange temporary protections.
  • It is advisable to use mulch, if not, remember to carefully clean the flower beds by eliminating the weeds. If you have straw, you can mulch your crops even after planting.

After planting

  1. Irrigate and fertilize with fertigation.
  2. Tick ​​off any branches on the stem, especially if you grow watermelon in a greenhouse.
  3. If you have chosen a climbing variety, during the growth of the plant, arrange the appropriate stakes.
  4. If you have grown early watermelons, the harvest will start in mid-June.

How to grow watermelons in a greenhouse

If the sowing periodstarts in spring with the transplant in the garden which can never take place before April (in the south) and before May (in the north), with thecultivation of watermelon in greenhousesthings can change.

Thesowing periodin a protected environment (such as a seedbed kept indoors) it can be brought forward to the months of January and February if planting will take place in a greenhouse.

It will be enough for you to develop the seedlings in a protected environment and then transplant them in a greenhouse or tunnel, following the same cultivation techniques previously considered. It is important to remember that watermelon does not like a humid climate, so the greenhouse must be ventilated or, in the case of a tunnel, completely raised, in the hottest and sunniest hours of the day.

Which variety to choose?Sweet watermelon and seedless watermelon

For growing in a small vegetable garden or greenhouse, it is better to choose more compact varieties of watermelon. With a few more tricks, these varieties can also be adapted tocultivation in pots, or rather, in large, well-sized boxes to be organized on the terrace or on a large balcony.

The cultivation of watermelon in pots, although not recommended, is possible and can give decent yields. Consider that each watermelon plant to be grown must have 40 to 100 cm2 available depending on the variety and the space you have available.

Among the most compact and flavorful varietiessweeter, I point out the watermelon varietysugar baby, this variety is also famous for being aseedless watermelon. It has few and very small seeds that are not annoying.

The sugar baby variety is quite common, so it is proposed by various agricultural consortia and nurserymen. Personally I tried the seeds produced by “Vivai Le Georgiche” and they presented a high germination rate. These sweet watermelon seeds they can also be found on Amazon at the price of 5.23 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information on the variety and the product, I refer you to "this Amazon page" dedicated to the sugar baby watermelon seeds sachet.

Yellow watermelon, white watermelon, square watermelon ...

In Italy we are used togrow watermelonsred flesh, however there are 1200 varieties of watermelons! Among these we point out thewatermelonswith yellow pulp, orange watermelon and white watermelon. Among the sweeter varieties, there are those of smaller size.

How to grow square watermelon

Different forms of watermelon are grown in Italy and Japan. Square, rectangular or pyramidal watermelons. It is a cultivation technique implemented to optimize transport, the unusual shape is obtained by growing the fruits inside rigid containers so as to make them take on the shape of the container. So… even in the context of your own garden it is possiblecultivate square watermelonor rectangular! Just place the growing fruit in a rigid container.

Differences between watermelon, watermelon and water melon!

Someone confuses a bit betweenwatermelon and watermelon. Know that if I had titled this guidehow to sow watermelonit would have been the exact same thing becausewatermelon and watermelonare the same plant:citrullus lanatus.

The termwatermelonit is widespread in central Italy and derives from the Latincucumis, cucumber! While the namewatermelon, more common in northern Italy, derives from the late Greek angurion which similarly meanscucumber. In some areas of Southern Italy, thewatermelon or watermelonit is also calledwater melon.Before judging the southerners ... know that the Anglo-Saxon form also defines thewatermelonlike a water melon,watermelon!

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