Jasmine in pot, cultivation and care

Jasmine in pot, cultivation and care

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How to grow jasmine in pots: instructions, step by step, for the cultivation of jasmine. The care to be devoted to potted jasmine and the fertilizer. Sizes of pots and tips.

There cultivation of jasmine in vaseit is especially recommended in Northern Italy and in areas with a harsh climate: i vases they are easier to manage and allow you to protect plants from the cold more easily.

Those who live in the South or in areas with a temperate climate, will have to pay less attention to jasmine: it is a plant with few needs but which does not tolerate the cold well.

Jasmine cultivation in pots

Thejasmine in vaseit is cultivated both for its beauty and for the heady scent of its white flowers. In this paragraph we will see all the instructions forgrowing jasmine in pots.

Soil and pot size

Forgrowing jasmine in potsyou will need light, well-drained soil rich in organic substances. The ideal terrain for the cultivation of jasmine in pots it is composed of 70% of fertile soil combined with 30% of gravel or other drainage material that facilitates the flow of water. Those who live in the north might add peat to help the plant cope with the cold winter temperatures.

Thepot size for growing jasminemust be suitable for the plant. It is recommended to use vases, tubs or planters as wide and deep as possible in order to allow the optimal development of the plant.

Generally, the minimum indispensable dimensions see the use ofpot from diameterat least 30 cm, however, at the time of the first repotting, behold the bread of earth. If it is too rich in roots that stick out on the sides, then you would do well to use a pot that is 2-3 cm larger than the previous one.

In case of two plants ofjasminein a single pot, calculate a size of 80 cm so that you can place the two plants at a distance of 30 cm from each other without placing them excessively against the edges of the pot.

The first planting in pots: how to plant jasmine

A layer of gravel must be prepared on the bottom to ensure good water drainage. Thejasmineit is a climbing plant and needs some supports, if you have not set up a net, trellises or support wires, choose pots large enough to accommodate wooden or artificial stakes. In this case, the size of the pot must calculate a space for the root system and the space to accommodate a pair of wooden stakes.

How to water jasmine

In winter, irrigation is carried out only when the soil is completely dry. The ground must be dry in all its parts and not only on the surface. Water especially in the morning or late at night. In the spring and fall you may need to water 2 or 3 times a week. In summer, when water evaporation is high, it will be necessary to irrigate every day.

Jasmine in winter, cures

As stated, thejasminedoes not tolerate low temperatures. Arrange the cultivation in pots on bases with wheels so that you can move the plant in winter by placing it in a sheltered position.

Among the other treatments to be given in winter to protect the plant from the cold, there is the possibility of covering the aerial part with non-woven fabric. In addition, it is possible to sprinkle the ground, near the roots, with straw and chopped bark. Mulching is useful for maintaining good soil fertility and protecting the root system from frosts.

Fertilize jasmine

Among the fertilizers on the market, we advise you to choose a liquid one for green plants and flowering plants in order to support both the production of ornamental foliage and above all to stimulate the abundant production of fragrant flowers.

Among the various suitable fertilizers, we point out the Zapi fertilizer for green plants that ensures the right nutritional supply to climbing plants just like jasmine (you can also use it in the garden on ferns, ficus, croton, calla lilies and many other plants with evergreen leaves) . The price of this fertilizer is 12.96 euros with shipping costs included.

For all product information: Zapi fertilizer for green plants

Multiply jasmine by cuttings

You can start growing thejasmine in vasestarting from plants purchased at a garden center or by cutting.

There multiplication by cuttings has many advantages and it is possible to obtain jasmineidentical to the mother plant. To have more chances of taking root, proceed in autumn or spring. For the multiplication of jasmine by cutting, it will be necessary to remove some branches from the mother plant which must be divided into parts about 10 cm long.

For rooting you must choose a good soil. The choice of soil must reflect the climatic zone in which you reside: in areas with a mild climate, sand must be added to obtain a very draining soil. In areas with lower temperatures it will be important to use a mixture, in equal parts, of peat and sand. These branches, in fact, must be placed to root in a mixture of fertile soil, sand and peat.

Thejasminein aromatherapy

According to the proponents of aromatherapy, thejasmine essential oilit would be useful in case of emotional stress and nervous tension, especially if related to sexuality. Aromatherapy with jasmine essential oil would be able to soothe the symptoms of PMS. Other natural remedies see yellow jasmine used against the flu, colds and headaches.