Swollen ankles, natural remedies

Swollen ankles, natural remedies

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The Cswollen ankles they are a real pathology that must be treated and kept under control. The causes are attributable to a water retention problem; lymphatic circulation does not work as it should and liquids thus tend to accumulate in various parts of the body, including the ankles which are swollen with pain spread throughout the area.

Swollen ankles, swollen, heavy and painful feet represent a wake-up call that should not be underestimated; it is not only people with extra pounds who suffer from ankle retention, even for example a diet rich in salt leads to accumulation of fluids in the legs and ankles.

Swollen ankles, natural remedies
The first thing to do is to practice physical activity regularly, especially those who maintain the same position for several hours a day. For example, those who have a profession that leads them to sit behind a desk for many hours will inevitably tend to be static. To balance everything, just dedicate a few hours a week to a little physical activity, so as to stimulate blood circulation and muscles.
Fortunately, there are several remedies for swollen legs and ankles; this is the case with herbal teas. The best herbs for this specific condition are:

  • Fennel

It is effective in stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • Mint and blueberry leaves

Herbal teas based on these herbs are effective in case of lymphatic stagnation as they promote the circulation of liquids.

  • thyme

Also this herb works like the previous ones on the circulatory level and on water retention.

  • Footbath

A practice that brings a lot of relief is the foot bath, as it reduces the feeling of heaviness and swelling. The plants just mentioned can be added to the water, precisely to increase the refreshing and invigorating properties.

  • Wraps

The best are those based on green tea and hazelnut leaves. Both are able to provide relief and can be applied several times a day. Just dip some gauze in them and then place them on your swollen ankles. Always present in our homes, even vinegar is indicated for swollen ankles.

Swollen ankles on feeding
Against the water retention that causes swollen ankles it is good to follow a diet lacking in salt; in this sense it will be necessary to reduce all those foods that contain salt such as canned foods, cheeses and all packaged products. To improve blood circulation and cleanse the body, it is good to start giving up or drastically reducing this type of food. Yes instead to fruit and vegetables, mainly products such as currants, blueberries and strawberries. Citrus fruits are also to be preferred as they are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids.

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