Portulaca from the balcony, useful information

Portulaca from the balcony, useful information

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There purslane can be grown as a houseplant or from the balcony. Therebalcony purslaneit grows well if placed in a sunny position: thepurslaneit needs a lot of sun to grow vigorously and produce numerous flowers. If you have abalconyin partial shade you can anywaycultivate purslanebut in this case the flowering will be less abundant and you will have to pay more attention to the percentage of moisture in the soil.

If you meangrow purslane on the balcony, pay attention to the temperatures: thepurslaneit cannot withstand the cold, it is a plant that needs heat and light to thrive.
It has no problems with the summer heat, not even in southern Italy, indeed, it manages to give its best during the hottest months of the year. For a good cultivation it takes at least 12-15 ° C.

In summary:

  • Suitable for balconies with full sun exposure (ideal situation)
  • Suitable for balconies with partial shade exposure

The choice of soil
Choose fertile, well-drained soil. You can prepare the soil by combining 2/3 of universal soil with 1/3 of well-ripened compost or humus. To ensure good drainage of the soil, I recommend adding a couple of bites of sand, gravel or pumice, alternatively, you can set up a draining layer on the bottom of the pot by preparing a few centimeters of expanded clay.

How to fertilize purslane on the balcony

If you grow purslane in the garden you will not need fertilizing, on the contrary, to grow purslane in pots or balcony containers, it will be necessary to provide very punctual fertilizations. Fertilize in autumn and spring using organic fertilizer.

There balcony purslane (in pots) it must also be fertilized during the flowering period but in this case it is better to choose an ad hoc fertilizer avoiding fertilizers too rich in nitrogen. During flowering you can provide for fertigation of thebalcony purslaneadding water-soluble fertilizer to be given to the plant every 20 days.

In summary:

  • Autumn and spring fertilization should be done with organic fertilizer. - Frequency: one-off (one administration in early spring, one administration in autumn).
  • Summer fertilization, during the flowering period, should be done with mineral fertilizer. - Frequency: every 20 days.

The species ofpurslaneto grow on the balcony
There Portulaca grandiflorait is the most appreciated for its flowers. It is the recommended species for cultivation for ornamental purposes. Purslane oleracea is considered a pest species: it is difficult to eliminate because it multiplies very easily and is extremely resistant. If you are intent on cultivate purslane for food purposes, the most suitable species is thepurslane sativa, also calledgolden purslane, appreciated for its large leaves considered the tastiest to eat.

If you wantgrow balcony purslanefor its beautiful flowers, we advise you to start with sowing by choosing from the following colored varieties:


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