Fried oil disposal, instructions and advice

Fried oil disposal, instructions and advice

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Among the waste to be conferred with therecyclingfigure thereexhausted oil. Thedisposal of fried oilkitchen does not require a lot of attention and is easy to complete.

On the market there are several hermetically sealed containers / tanks that allow the collection and storage offried oil, however, rather than buying an ad hoc tank, I recommend that you recycle old bottles of detergent.

To carry out, correctly, itdisposal of fried oil, I recommend that you keep an airtight container with a wide mouth close at hand (perhaps under the kitchen sink) so that you can "spill "with ease, thefried oildirectly from the pan to the bottle. L'fried oilit should be poured into the bottle only when it has cooled down.

How to collect fried oil
To make it right disposal, you will need to collect the fried oil in this way:

  • 1. After frying, wait for theoilcool down.
  • 2. Pour thefried oilin a special bottle intended for its storage.
  • 3. When the bottle is completely filled, deliver it to the nearest ecological island or to the collection center in your municipality of residence.

-L'exhausted oil it can also be given to the municipality: many Italian administrations have actively collected used vegetable oils.
Alternatively, if you have a pub / restaurant near your home, talk to the owner: some restaurateurs will be willing to give your bottle of fried oil along with the most dipping amounts of exhausted oil produced in their kitchens.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that it must be you, personally, who have to deliver the bottle of exhausted oil. The disposal of fried oilit won't take you long: a 5-liter bottle will take several months to fill so that thedisposalit must only be performed a few times a year.

How to recycle fried oil
L'fried oil can be destined for correct disposal or, before reaching the end of its life cycle, it can be reused several times. I recommend you read my guide articles to find out how reuse the fried oil for:

  • Fry new dishes after filtration
  • Grease the shovel and snow shoveling machines
  • Light up a room with an oil lamp
  • Prepare feed for poultry
  • Making homemade soap bars
  • Producing biodiesel in the home garage
  • Prepare homemade insecticide

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