Maine Coon cat: character, behavior, care and prices

Maine Coon cat: character, behavior, care and prices

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Maine Coon cat: to say it is already the name, it is a breed of North American origin, from a region, Maine, of which it has also become the official cat. Or should we say raccoon? Yes, because the name of the Maine Coon cat literally means "Maine raccoon". Because of its tail very similar to that of a raccoon, they gave it the nickname of Raccoon, raccoon in English, abbreviated to Coon.

Maine Coon cat: the story

The history of the Maine Coon cat it is not one, there are many. All legendary, fascinating and… unconfirmed. The most widespread belief on the origins of Maine Coon cat dates back to the beginning of the last century and explains that due to the large and hairy ears with tufts and the large and ringed tail, the Maine Coon cat it has to be a cross between a lynx and a raccoon.

It is very imaginative, and who knows if physically possible, but it certainly has given rise to many other variations or alternative stories, such as the one that attributes to Maine Coon cat a royal aura by tying it double-stranded with the six Angora cats that Queen Marie Antoinette, during the French Revolution, would have saved by sending them to Wiscasset, in the American state of Maine.

Returning with the feet, and the paws, on the ground, the most probable theory is that the Maine Coon cat is a cross between short-haired cats and overseas long-haired cats. Those who today are the direct progenitors of Norwegian Forest Cat. They would have landed in North America with the Vikings, around the year one thousand. Or later, with the settlers, who traveled with the most varied "mouse-catching" cats, mixing them without paying too much attention.

Ancestors unknown, therefore, but the date of the first official report of a Maine Coon cat it is 1861: to speak of it is Mrs. Pierce who mentions a black and white cat called "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines". In Italy the Maine Coon cat it appears only in 1986 but from that moment on it is successful and today this breed is among the stars of many cat shows.

Maine Coon cat: characteristics

The Maine Coon cat it is immediately visibly one of the most impressive, with its 7 -11 kg, as a male, reduced to 5 - 7 if female. He is strong and muscular, balanced and agile, and knows how to adapt to the harsh winters. This is because it sports, naturally, without vanity, a shiny, heavy and water-resistant coat, thanks to a particular and characteristic natural greasiness that keeps warm and does not allow the hair to knot. No other breed other than Maine Coon cat has such a special mantle.

The fur of this feline is longer on the stomach and on the hind legs to protect it from rain and snow, while it is shaved on the back and on the neck so as not to tangle and hinder it when it wanders in the undergrowth. For the colors, here the winter does not dictate rules and they are all allowed for Maine Coon cat except Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac, Fawn in any combination and colourpoint factor.

Even the tail of the Maine Coon cat it is anti-cold: long and thick, it is comfortable to wrap around the body to sleep protected from frost. The ears are "designed" for low temperatures: hairier both inside and on the tips and mobile, to better capture the sounds of the forest. The eyes of the Maine Coon cat they are great for improving eyesight, useful in hunting and in escaping from predators, also facilitated by large, round feet with tufts of hair, excellent as 'snow skates'.

Maine Coon cat: behavior

The Maine Coon cat he is used to being outdoors but also adapts to the home if he has space to be himself. That is, active and curious, playful. This breed can boast an excellent character, habitual, ideal for the company with people, especially with the elderly and children, because it does not scratch or blow. The Maine Coon cat it is never aggressive and tends to interact also with other animals without declaring war, despite its size.

The Maine Coon cat it has a bearing is majestic, it moves forward with its head held high, it shows its large and bushy tail at half height and moves its wide legs with the act of an ancient warrior but it is all a staging. It is docile and playful, and moreover it has a voice that is far from a roar. His is a high pitched, feeble and continuous meow, he mumbles all the time, he seems to be chronicling his own moves to himself: he is one of the most talkative cats ever.

Maine Coon cat: care and nutrition

So big and strong, so muscular and lively, the Maine Coon cat it does not require much care but a healthy and abundant diet. For aesthetics, a brushed hair, given the large quantity, and a bath every now and then, but without panic because the Maine Coon cat he is a lover of water, just dry it given the thick coat.

Returning to his appetite, he has a lot of it and therefore needs a lot of energy, but not by chance. Balanced and healthy, integrating its natural "wild" diet, dry and wet, with supplements, to be served also in a double bowl. If kept to rule, the Maine Coon cat lives up to and beyond 13-15 years.

Maine Coon cat: breeding

the Maine Coon cat it is quite prolific, the female goes into heat 2 times a year, from 10 months to 8-9 years, each birth sees the birth of 3-4 puppies that open their eyes from 5 to 12 days and feed for about 3/4 weeks exclusively of breast milk. Curious thing for the Maine Coon cat is the development of the hair; at birth it seems short but around the sixth week it begins to lengthen and evident tufts of hair appear between the toes and on the ears.

Maine Coon cat: price

The price of a Maine Coon cat pet can be around € 800, while the cost of a breeding or exhibition specimen can reach € 1500. These figures vary depending on the role that the Maine Coon cat will play in society, feline and human. Breeders often decide this also because not all specimens are perfect.

The price of a Maine Coon cat it may also vary depending on age, breed standards, case details and the presence of the pedigree. But be clear, for the Maine Coon cat as for many others, that the pedigree is a document that certifies the real belonging to a given breed, its cost is about 20 euros. This therefore does not explain the surge in prices, the presence of pedigrees and the collapse without: in the absence of Pedigrees, full of doubts, in front of certain advertisements it is better to turn the page and look for your own Maine Coon cat safe and sound, and authentic, elsewhere.

Maine Coon cat: breeding

Between the best Maine Coon farms we point out,Planetcoon breeding, recognized by Anfi and Tica since 2002 which selects Maine Coon puppies from lines imported directly from the United States of America, mainly in silver tabby and brown tabby colors with and without white. Breeding has the health and temperament of their puppies as a priority and it is for this reason that each breeder, negative for the first genetic mutation for Hcm, is checked annually for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by means of echocardiography. Furthermore, all cats present on the farm are Fiv-Felv negative.

The farm offers a high quality diet: dry food (without dyes, preservatives and appetizers is produced only from meat for human use and with very low quantities of cereals) always available is accompanied by "Barf" food in at least two doses every day.

A wonderful specimen of Maine Coon from PlanetCoon breeding

The puppies, available at various times of the year, are born and live in close contact with human adults and children and are handled daily as early as two weeks of life in compliance with their needs and their times but in order to grow with an affectionate and balanced character completely set in family life to remain forever magnificent life companions.

The puppies can leave the kennel at the end of three months of life, always accompanied by the Anfi pedigree and their own sale contract.

Recognized by the FIFe, another breeding of Maine Coon recommended is "Blue Pearl". Its breeding program is the result of experience and passion and aims to "select cats with a natural inclination to patience and trust in humans, promoting their development with mixed mother-male breastfeeding during the imprinting phase".

In this breeding the Maine Coon cat he lives in close contact with the breeders who assist the mother cats during the birth and we handle the puppies a lot from the very first moment. Here are the little ones of Main Coon cat that come out of it are particularly affectionate and tractable.

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